UPDATED – Hey CHA: Catholics who run non-religious businesses are people, too.

Sister Carol Keehan utterly, tragically misses the point. With analysis by CV blogger Matt Bowman the Cardinal Newman Society reports that the Catholic Health Association and its leader, Sister Carol, have proposed that the HHS mandate be expanded to exempt religious institutions according to the same criteria that the IRS uses for religious tax exemptions. CNS gets into reasons why this is still ... More

What’s up with Sister Carol Keehan and our own Joshua Mercer?

No idea what it means, but in doing an image search for “Sister Carol Keehan” for a post I was writing I came upon a familiar face on “page 4″ of the image returns… I don’t know who the lady in the upper right is, but Joshua Mercer’s mug, including the shot he uses here at CatholicVote.org comes up interspersed with the various images of the habit-less si... More



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