Neither Left nor Right, Greek nor Jew, Male Nor Female

A Jesuit mission, northern Michigan. We’ve all been bombarded with information, notions, guesses, photos, hopes, and fears about the new pope over the last forty-eight hours.  Indeed, 50 hours ago (at least at the time of this writing), hardly anyone in the United States or in most parts of the world knew anything about the man who was to become Pope Francis.  Some of the responses–at le... More

Obama wins the Catholic vote.

The most pro-abortion person ever to be in the White House; the person who has launched the most significant assault on religious liberty in this country since our founding… won the Catholic vote. That adequately explains why I am entirely and completely unimpressed with the anger of the pastor at a parish who called me, irate that a group of volunteers I organized were putting pro-life leaf... More

Attention TIME, et al.: Charity and Taxation are not synonymous.

Time Magazine must operate on the premise that their readers have an IQ roughly equal to that of a dish of warm milk.* Behold this bit of crack Bible scholarship: As near as we can tell, Jesus would advocate a tax rate somewhere between 50% (in the vein of “if you have two coats, give one to the man who has none”) and 100% (if you want to get into heaven, be poor). Mostly, he suggested givi... More

Can ‘Social Justice’ Be Saved?

There are folks fighting for the phrase “social justice” by seeking to serve those words with policies that make it a bit more authentic than it can sometimes be, and with some consistency. That’s what a project at the Acton Institute, PovertyCure, is about. I mention it in my syndicated column this week, and talked to Acton president Fr. Robert Sirico a bit more about it: What is PovertyCur... More

Social justice and Catholic higher education

It seems to be in vogue to write about one’s alma mater these days. blogger Lauren Hoedeman recently defended the University of Notre Dame by calling on those who discount the school’s Catholicity to reconsider their assertions. In a similar fashion, First Things junior fellow and Georgetown University alum Matthew Cantirino lamented that even though he was proud to attend the... More


And thus the problem with relying on governmental “charity.”

Rule of thumb: When you're to the left of Cardinal Mahony, you're too far to the left. A question without an answer is that question, “how much government intervention in caring for the less-fortunate is the right amount?” Catholic social teaching gives us a framework by which to evaluate whether the government is doing too much or not enough to help those in need, but the Cath... More

Render unto God…

Was separation of Church and State established way before America? 17 And Jesus answering, said to them: Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him. As Catholics we believe that we are made in the image and likeness of God.  We are to tie to Him ourselves, we belong to Him who created us. ... More

On Occupy Wall Street, the Religious Left, and Valley Forge?

I’m very surprised by the number of liberal Catholics who have emailed me defending the Occupy Wall Street movement. They’ve done so quite adamantly, at times somewhat belligerently, calling me names and accusing me of demonizing them—even when I’m merely reporting the alarming, often disgusting things being done at Occupy Wall Street. “Thanks for demonizing us, Paul,” wrote an angry r... More


Social Justice is About Redemption, Not Mandating Contraception Coverage

Father Robert Sirico, founder and president of the Acton Institute, was the latest in the Distinguished Speakers Series here at Franciscan University recently (full video, video excerpts, and full audio available here). His talk could hardly have been more timely. Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services, Catholyc, who promulgated the offensive rules. Rules promulgated by the Depa... More

Is the Pope pro-Obamacare?

Liberal Catholics are salivating over Pope Benedict’s message to the 25th international conference of the Pontifical Council for Health Care ministry, using his words to imply Vatican (and church teaching) endorsement of the recent health care legislation passed by the Democrats and President Obama. When orthodox Catholics take Vatican statements to be applicable to US affairs, liberals cry ... More



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