The Real Reasons The New Deal Is At Stake

The future of the New Deal—the social insurance state that has Social Security and Medicare as its twin pillars—is at stake in not just this, but coming presidential elections. In that, Mike Konczal and Bryce Covert writing in The Nation, are correct. Where they are wrong is the notion that prescriptions put forth by GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan constitute a clear and present dang... More

CatholicVote members respond to the budget crisis and Medicare reform

Faithful Catholics often are stereotyped as caring about one or two issues at the expense of everything else. At one level they are right. Abortion and marriage are indeed foundational, and they will always be of primary concern for us. But does this mean that Catholics must remain silent during the debate over how to reform the federal budget, or how to reform the entitlement programs that are ba... More

Are more babies needed to save Social Security?

James Capretta of the Ethics and Public Policy Center outlines one of the little-recognized problems with government-run pension programs like Social Security. “Foreign as it may sound to the modern ear, a motivation for having children in earlier times was economic security in old age. As parents became frail and less productive, it was expected that one or more of their adult children woul... More




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