I’m Blogging/Tweeting from South Carolina, Including the CNN Debate!

I’m in Charleston, South Carolina today and will be attending the CNN Presidential debate this evening at 8PM ET. Stay tuned here for my comments and follow my live updates via Twitter at: twitter.com/AmericanPapist. PS – recent blogging has been somewhat in suspension since Christmas break because I came back to a very heavy work load which is now mostly under control again. Thank you... More

Wassup with Rick Perry and Catholicism?

Am I being too conspiratorial wondering why Rick Perry is talking about Rick Santorum being Catholic on the campaign trail in South Carolina? Via NBC: FLORENCE, SC — Speaking to media during an impromptu press conference Tuesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry twice mentioned rival Rick Santorum’s Catholic faith in criticizing his record on fiscal issues. “Rick Santorum is a good man, he is ... More

Newt fading in SC as social conservative leaders coalesce behind Santorum

Two important news items to watch today, with South Carolina’s crucial primary just one week away. Just a couple days ago, Newt Gingrich was in 2nd place in South Carolina polls, with Rick Santorum tied with Ron Paul in third. But after Newt attacked Mitt Romney for an entire week on his business career, an amazing thing happened: Romney’s numbers went up while Newt’s numbers wen... More

Santorum Round-Up: Surging in South Carolina, Slandered by NPR, Defended by Gay Former Aide

Three big news items about Rick Santorum today. CatholicVote, of course, endorsed Santorum yesterday. Read the press release here. This endorsement has generated a great deal of attention and press which should find its way into today’s lunchtime reader (stay tuned). First, his poll numbers in the next two primary states, New Hampshire and South Carolina, have improved dramatically in poll... More



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