[Updated] Guess What: World Youth Day Pumped Over $230,000,000 into Spain’s Economy

One of the most tiresome lies about World Youth Day is that it represents a significant financial drain on its host country. Anti-catholic dilettante Amanda Marcotte summed up this line of attack well when she wrote: [Vatican officials] have to keep helping fund these $87-million (the estimated cost of the Pope’s event in Madrid) Pope excursions, you know.* She later retracted: This post origin... More

Photos of Martyrdom: Anti-Catholic Protestors Taunt Pilgrims in Madrid

I debated about whether to post these photos but I decided to for an important reason: to ask for prayers and to encourage us to support and appreciate the courage of Catholic pilgrims in Madrid who have had to face, at times, vicious anti-Catholic harassment. The photos tell the story (via Reuters FaithWorld): Protestors light the WYD banner on fire directly in front of praying pilgrims Two men s... More

*UPDATE* More Photos of Arson Damage in Sagrada Familia

UPDATE: La Voz De Barcelona has more photos of the fire damage. Here’s one: ORIGINAL POST: I’ve begun to follow Catholic news in Spain more closely, because I hope to attend World Youth Day in Madrid this August and I want to know as much about the Catholic culture there as possible. One of the most disturbing trends I have noticed is how frequently churches and other holy places ther... More




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