Lance Armstrong and the power of forgiveness

When it became apparent Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, Fox News commentator Brit Hume suggested he seek forgiveness from Jesus Christ. Woods, a Buddhist, opted for forgiveness from the public. He held an overly-prepared press conference that made his contriteness seem less than authentic. “I am deeply sorry,” the king of golf repeatedly said as he stared into the lens of a television camera.... More

Where is the next Sandusky?

“They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again and when they do it — seems that only the children weep.” -Harper Lee, “To Kill a Mockingbird” Remember when sports pundits called the Penn State football program squeaky clean? The famous Paterno creed, “winning with honor” served as the high standard for collegiate football. Then, the Sandusky scandal erupted.... More


Catholic Universities Matched Up in Rugby Semi-final

The Barons of Franciscan University, central region champions, are ranked number 1 in the country heading into this weekend's final four tourney. (Photo: Franciscan University Athletics) This coming Saturday, April 28, in “Rugbytown, USA,” the rugby teams from Franciscan University of Steubenville and Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, will clash in the semi-final ro... More

Reader: Christopher Hitchens dies of cancer, Wisconsin cuts funding to PP, SC Gov. Haley endorses Romney

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Pat Archbold is still praying for Christopher Hitchens, an atheist writer who passed away this morning. [Correction: he died last night.] Our own Thomas Peters encouraged Catholics to pray for Hitchens when word first broke out about his cancer back in 2010. Pla... More

Reader: Newt’s attack on Mitt backfires, Obama still under 50% favorability, Illinois bishop expresses repentance

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Mitt Romney suggests that Newt Gingrich should return over a million dollars in consulting money to failed housing giant Freddie Mac. Gingrich responds suggesting that Romney return money he earned at Bain for laying people off. Newt’s response backfires big time. If Romney or Gingrich ... More

White Sox manager blast actor Sean Penn for praising Marxist leader Hugo Chavez

Ozzie Guillen is a passionate manager of the Chicago White Sox. And he brought that fiery passion to Twitter, blasting actor Sean Penn for writing an op-ed in praise of Venezuela’s Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez. Writing in the Huffington Post, Penn had said that it was a “defamation” to refer to Chavez as a dictator. “This is not a dictator supported by the wealthy classes, ... More

re re: Catholic Institutions Need More Vince Lombardi’s

Kathryn, most socially-conscious conservatives and more than a few liberals would agree that a return to traditional gender roles would help the urban poor. In the case of the male urban poor, they would learn to act less Charlie Sheen or Arnold Schwarzenegger and more like Bob Hurley or Dr. King. But I think your argument begs the question, who will teach the poor to act this way? Who is willing... More


re: Catholic Institutions Need More Vince Lombardi’s

Mark, the documentary about St. Anthony’s, The Street Stops Here is powerful. And it underscores a point our culture can forget: Men are powerful influences on one another. Men are powerful influences on boys, giving them the example they need to be men, to know what a man is. Relatedly: We need men — to be confident in their masculinity. (And we need women to be confident in the comp... More

Catholic Institutions Need More Vince Lombardi’s

Over the past few days, while political and religious analysts have written about Libya and the latest sex abuse scandals, I have thought about the success of Catholic high school sports coaches. On Saturday, my alma mater played in the California boys basketball championship. On Sunday on 60 Minutes, the legendary Bob Hurley of St. Anthony’s High School in Jersey City, New Jersey was profiled.... More


Well at least NYC isn’t completely lost.

He whispers sweet nothings at all times. Of course. New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin made a rather rude suggestion about what his critics could do vis-a-vis their lips and his derrier, but it’s good to know some folks in the modern religion of professional athletics still respect the men of the cloth. In remarks made to his players after their season-ending loss, Coughlin curbed his m... More




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