Photo (& VIDEO!) of the “Holy Goalie”

I’ve written before that I think Bishop Thomas Paprocki is a rockstar. Here’s one of the reasons why: A charity hockey game with Bishop Thomas Paprocki will be played at 7 p.m. Monday at Nelson Center. The teams will be comprised of adult players from the Springfield area, and all proceeds from the game will go to Catholic Charities. Paprocki, known as the “Holy Goalie,’’ will a... More

Maybe the image-sensitive NFL should focus on strengthening marriages

The NFL has made head injury prevention a priority this year. They have increased the penalties on players making rough hits and they have stated that players diagnosed with a concussion have to sit out the rest of the game. These measures are great steps at rectifying what had become an increasingly dangerous game to play. Regarding its reputation and image, one area in which the NFL doesn’... More


Professional soccer player facing persecution for pre-game Catholic prayer

Some good ol’ anti-Catholic persecution happening in the world of professional soccer: JAVIER HERNANDEZ could be forced to abandon his pre-match Catholic prayer when Manchester United face Rangers in Glasgow on Wednesday week. Deeply religious Hernandez – nicknamed Chico – kneels on the centre spot and prays ­before kick-off in every game he starts. But it is believed United boss Alex F... More


Franciscan Sister of the Renewal was Olympic Speedskater

One of those pleasant stories that come along with the Olympics.  From Yahoo Sports Twelve years ago at the Winter Olympics in Nagano, a 17-year-old speedskating prodigy named Kirstin Holum was tapped for future greatness. When Holum placed sixth in the 3,000 meters – one of the most grueling disciplines in the women’s program, a lung-scraping four-minute bust of lactic acid torture – spe... More


Death Bear

Friday is wacky story day, as considering that I’m sitting in Baton Rouge wearing a wedding ring and a snow-covered Saints championship hat, I’m feeling in a wacky mood and this story is perfect for today. (more…) ... More


How 'bout that Pro-Life Superbowl?

I with the rest of the people of the state of Louisiana continue to enjoy the Saints’ victory over the Colts in the Superbowl. The rest of the week figures as a mild interruption between the great parties of Lombardi Gras & Mardi Gras. Needless to say, remembering where I was in 2005 when the Saints were widely believed to be on their way to San Antonio and the city being abandoned &... More


Reflections on Party in the M.I.A.

And by “reflections” I mean “random musings” appropriate only on a Friday. Party in the M.I.A. If you watch the video, you’ll see a very cheesy adaption of a Miley Cyrus song made in celebration of the Saints’ success and run to the Superbowl. If you are from Louisiana, you don’t need a reason for me to post this and in fact have probably seen the video a... More




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