Open the gates before him; lift up your voices!

How did we get this far into Advent without posting this old gem from “the pope of basic cable“?… Is he in a school classroom with the desks cleared away? Are those mom-khakis? Whatever the case, I love the frenzied, ridiculous look on his face at the beginning. Reminds me of so many too-happy cantors who love to perform or emote the music at Mass with their faces and arms from... More

Video: Stephen Colbert’s Take on the New Mass Translation

Irreverent, yes, but nevertheless, his commentary on things Catholic is more intelligent than you will typically find on basic cable (note: some may be offended by some of Colbert’s jokes). PS. Steven: You may be the pope of basic cable, but I’m the papist of awesome blogging. When are you going to have me on the show? The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Politic... More

Tell Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC You Stand For Life!

I think Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report is hilarious. Recently he launched his very own PAC (political action committee) called “SuperPAC” which is dedicated to “making a better tomorrow … tomorrow.” Sure, it’s all for fun, but because so many people love Colbert the PAC has actually raised lots of money, and now he’s asking his fans to help him deci... More



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