Updates: Want to Know What is Happening with Komen vs. Planned Parenthood?

First of all, everyone needs to take a deep breath. About an hour ago my twitter feed exploded with headlines of “KOMEN CAVED!!!”, etc, etc. No, they didn’t. They released a very carefully scripted statement today which echoes what their President Nancy G. Brinker said yesterday on MSNBC. They didn’t cave. They apologized for how their previous statements were misconstrued,... More

Attacks on Susan G. Komen Reveals Planned Parenthood’s Real Face [Updates & Video]

How revealing this fight over Susan G. Komen’s defunding of Planned Parenthood is! Wesley J. Smith asks exactly the right question: “Abortion Matters More Than Fighting Breast Cancer to Liberals?” So it would seem. Various Democrats like Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) are boycotting Susan G. Komen over this decision. Howard Dean is encouraging corporate sponsors to punish Komen. Welco... More



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