The Word of John

I can’t let the day pass without writing and posting a brief meditation regarding St. John the Beloved, St. John the Apostle, St. John the Evangelist, St. John the Revelator. Throughout my adult life, doubts have plagued me–doubts about the Church, about certain mysteries regarding the Church, and, especially, the goodness and good intentions of the institutional Church and her hierarchy.... More

On this, the Feast of St. Stephen

Canterbury, Easter morning, 1988 Today is the second of the twelve days of Christmas, the Feast of St. Stephen, one of only two persons in the entirety of the New Testament, described as “full of grace.” In his nearly timeless play, “Murder in the Cathedral,” Anglo-American playwright T.S. Eliot offered an interlude of sorts, a Christmas homily.  The interlude divides the two major acts o... More

Civilization Without God

“The World is trying to experiment with attempting to form a civilized but non-Christian mentality. The experiment will fail; but we must be very patient in awaiting its collapse; meanwhile redeeming the time: so that the Faith may be preserved alive through the dark ages before us; to renew and rebuild civilization, and save the World from suicide.” — T.S. Eliot ...READ MORE... More




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