What Is Trickle-Down Economics?

The vice-presidential debate goes tonight in Kentucky, and Ohio senator Sherrod Brown gave us a sneak preview of the line of attack Vice-President Joe Biden is likely to use against Republican veep nominee—Ryan, charges Brown has “dressed up trickle-down economics and wrapped it in an Ayn Rand novel.” It’s admittedly a snappy soundbite although I have absolutely no idea what Brown mean... More

Family activist slams Perry’s flat tax plan over marriage

First, Mark Stricherz pointed out on the CV Blog the political danger of supporting a flat tax plan in a general election campaign. Then Ramesh Ponnuru wrote a similar article calling the flat tax “fools gold for conservatives.” Ponnuru summed up the mathematical problem rather succinctly: “[R]eplacing a progressive income tax with a flat tax necessarily means slashing revenues, ... More


Reader: Reaction on ‘Vatican’ talk of world bank, Perry offers flat tax, Birther talk sadly revived, Win a baby contest?

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Fr. Thomas Reese, S.J. There was lots of reaction to the news reports of “The Vatican” supposedly endorsing the creation of a world centralized bank. CatholicLane.com has an article by Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican in which he implores people to actually read the text of the document. http://cvot... More



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