Obama’s present policies *will* raise taxes on the middle class.

The one on the left already will raise taxes on the middle class. The one on the right has pledged to assure that tax cuts don't unduly favor the wealthy. One of the consistent charges leveled against Romney in the comments ’round these parts has been that he will raise taxes on the middle class while reducing taxes on the wealthy. Problem is, the study the folks who make that charge hav... More

Attention TIME, et al.: Charity and Taxation are not synonymous.

Time Magazine must operate on the premise that their readers have an IQ roughly equal to that of a dish of warm milk.* Behold this bit of crack Bible scholarship: As near as we can tell, Jesus would advocate a tax rate somewhere between 50% (in the vein of “if you have two coats, give one to the man who has none”) and 100% (if you want to get into heaven, be poor). Mostly, he suggested givi... More



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