Republican Establishment Trys To Devour Its Own

Well, the higher-ups in the Republican Party are doing some soul-searching and trying to figure out why they lost the presidential election and lost seats in the Senate, even as they expanded retained their House majority. According to Scott Rasmussen, the GOP Establishment has figured out what the problem is—it’s their own voters. “A primary problem” is the term that’s used, and it’s ... More

A conservative for liberty — imagine that

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah There were many Republicans and conservatives intrigued by the candidacy of Ron Paul in 2012. His son, Senator Rand Paul, is almost a lock to run for president in 2016. (Without kicking up dust, even though I like him in the Senate, Rand would not be my first choice.) While I am not a libertarian, there are two areas in which libertarian Republicans could move the GOP in a ma... More

Reader: Tea Party infuses GOP with minorities, Bachmann’s NH staff quits, Obama signs free trade deals

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. The National Journal, a political news magazine that is not conservative, noted that the Tea Party has infused the Grand Old Party with lots of minority candidates like Marco Rubio, Allen West, and Herman Cain. But the Journal noted: “The biggest roadblocks to these challengers often were within their own... More



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