Minnesota PBS Refuses to Broadcast “Catholicism” While U.S. Bishops Ask for TV Fairness & Transparency

I think we need to take a serious look at Catholicism being treated unfairly on the airways, especially the public airways. For instance, as Kathryn Lopez reports, over 80 PBS stations recently aired a portion of the 10-part Catholicism series Catholicism. CatholicVote has been proud to promote the program. But when many of the 700,000 Catholics in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area asked their local... More

Ick: NBC requires actors to sign nudity clause for primetime show

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Hollywood continues to push the envelope. The Parents Television Council, a watchdog group that alerts families to objectionable programming, notes that NBC has stipulated in contract that actors have to be willing to do scenes with nudity or simulated sex for their upcoming TV show “The Playboy Club&... More

[Update] Discovery Channel *did not* team up with Vatican for exorcism series

UPDATE: I should have spared my fingers the trouble of writing most of this – apparently, this is a PR stunt by the Discovery Channel to increase attention to their new series. I’ve seen no official confirmation or proof that they are actually in a “partnership” with the Vatican. What did I write about ratings-hungry producers? This has been getting a lot of buzz this week:... More




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