Aquinas is shocked. SHOCKED! that ND Prof. Kaveny Badly Distorts +Lori’s Analogy.

The Angelic Doctor, after reading Professor Kaveny's article. Though he looks more miffed than shocked. Cathleen Kaveny, whom the Cardinal Newman Society points out is the the John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law and Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame Law School, wrote a column over at Commonweal that does not befit someone of her education and position. She took note ... More

Who Would Aquinas Vote For?

Aquinas holding Washington, D.C. Mark Wampler has a great post at The Gregorian Institute blog. As another campaign approaches, instead of dusting off his works of contemporary Western or American political philosophy, he is opening the Summa Contra Gentiles as he assesses candidates. Who would Aquinas vote for? Wampler doesn’t say. So I talked to one of our Thomists here about it. Aquina... More


Marriage, Law, Charity, and Brad’s Missed Left Turn.

About two weeks ago Brad Birzer wrote a nearly masterful article on the danger of the efforts to re-define marriage in our civil, or human, laws. “Nearly” masterful because after collecting and laying out some great quotes and dystopic visions from noted authors, and seemingly about to make a devastating case for the real dangers to society of redefining marriage he seemingly missed a ... More



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