Who Are the Catholic Tebows?

... at www.TheGregorian.org Over at the Gregorian Institute at Benedictine College, Kansas, we have posted the new American Catholic Hall of Fame entry. In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, whose Vince Lombardi Trophy is named for a devout Catholic, we asked Catholic leaders to vote for the greatest Catholic sports figures of all time. “In the past, we have gathered votes for great intellect... More

My goodness, the Grey Lady is bitter toward Tim Tebow.

I’m not the world’s biggest Tim Tebow fan. His faith is great, but I’m of the opinion that it’s more “par for the course,” and I don’t think it healthy to swoon over someone for simply doing what they ought to be doing. Makes that which is simply right seem extraordinary. If you’re impressed, join him in witnessing to the joy that is in you on accou... More

Top 10 Reasons Why God Let Tim Tebow Lose

flickr, Stefan Ralle “If God doesn’t let a sparrow fall without his knowing it, do you think he pays no attention as Tim Tebow’s passes fall?” So said Benedictine College’s Vaughn Kohler, former Baptist minister and new Catholic commentator, at work last week. He was joking, but of course he has a point. After the nation watched “God’s Quarterback” stumble in the playoffs against... More


Reader: Christopher Hitchens dies of cancer, Wisconsin cuts funding to PP, SC Gov. Haley endorses Romney

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Pat Archbold is still praying for Christopher Hitchens, an atheist writer who passed away this morning. [Correction: he died last night.] http://is.gd/uOtopL Our own Thomas Peters encouraged Catholics to pray for Hitchens when word first broke out about his cancer back in 2010. http://is.gd/ZODe9L Pla... More



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