Is Marco Rubio the Republican’s savior?

Senator Marco Rubio has the potential to do a lot of good for the Republican Party. He’s young, well spoken, can appeal to voting blocs the GOP desperately needs, and is widely-popular in his home state of Florida. But, is he the savior of the Republican Party? Time Magazine thinks so. Here’s the cover of their latest issue: Rubio, however, is a Roman Catholic, and he doesn’t want... More

Attention TIME, et al.: Charity and Taxation are not synonymous.

Time Magazine must operate on the premise that their readers have an IQ roughly equal to that of a dish of warm milk.* Behold this bit of crack Bible scholarship: As near as we can tell, Jesus would advocate a tax rate somewhere between 50% (in the vein of “if you have two coats, give one to the man who has none”) and 100% (if you want to get into heaven, be poor). Mostly, he suggested givi... More

Well, Reagan did host Gorbachev.

What could Reagan possibly be saying? Time Magazine’s latest cover depicts Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan sharing a laugh, with Reagan’s arm around Obama’s shoulders. First and foremost, it’s funny in light of the recent “revelation” by Ron Reagan that his dad showed early signs of Alzheimer’s way back during his first term. So on the one hand you have one... More



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