TSA finally backs off explicit scanner pics.

Female scan on left, Male scan on right. While TSA blurred the face, I blurred the other sensitive parts before uploading. The TSA has been using scanners that violate the dignity of travelers. These scanners use various methods to take a rather detailed image of what is under your clothing, i.e., your body, and any non-cloth item that is closely adhering to it. We know for certain that at least 3... More


Absolutely Absurd. TSA Regime Jumps the Shark.

The Ultimate Weapon. You see them and you feel all the blood leave your face. They look innocent enough, but we (or at least all TSA agents) know: they harbor evil EVIL! inside. Try not to shriek in fright, or they may notice you and POUNCE! YEAAAARGH! So the TSA is in full self-defense mode, pulling out all the stops to show that its new dignity-robbing and immoral search techniques have helped s... More

Dignity, Objectification, and the TSA

Thomas beat me to the nun picture, and Brad has a good article on reasons from civil liberties that the TSA ought not be, I believe there is another reason from the Catholic perspective that the TSA is bad news: Chastity. Unlike Brad, I didn’t have any real problem apart from irritation when I first experienced the TSA back in 2002. In fact, in a late-2002 flight I had a one-way ticket from ... More



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