Papal Quote of the Day: “Where there is anti-Catholicism I will go forward with great courage and joy.”

The headline says it all, but here it is in context. Pope Benedict said these words during his traditional in-flight press conference early today: Reporter: The [UK] has a past tradition of a strong anti-Catholic position. Are you concerned about how you will be received? Pope Benedict: – Firstly, good day to you all and I wish you a good journey. I must say that I’m not worried, beca... More


Linkfest: Following the Pope to England

I’m having a busy day so I’m simply going to summarize some useful links for those of us papists who want to keep up with the pope during his 4-day journey to the UK (if anything especially important happens I will, of course, blog about it): The official Vatican page for the papal visit, with links to the texts of his speeches The official UK Papal Visit website, with embedded live T... More


Exclusive: Full Version of “Embarrassing” Guidance Notes for UK Papal Events

I wrote yesterday that I thought Catholic commentators were unfairly piling on to the UK Papal Visit Team after the British Tabloids went after them for publishing an “embarrassing” glossary which, they claimed, demeaned the Mass. My radar went up because I thought to myself, “since when are the British tabloids so concerned about the Mass being treated with reverence?” In... More

Offbeat audio: Electro-pop band Ooberfüse selected for official UK papal visit song

Discovering papist techno music is a humorous tradition here at AmP, stretching back to the amusing discovery of the “Habemus Papam Benedictus Mix“, where someone actually layered the announcement of Pope Benedict’s pontificate with a techno soundtrack. So, in that same tongue-in-cheek spirit, I offer to you today “Heart’s Cry“, a song by the UK electro-pop band... More

HOLD ON: Did the UK papal visit team really “embarrass” the Church?

The UK Daily Mail has published an article today which I fear does a disservice to the UK Papal Visit Team. Here is the Daily Mail’s headline and lead: “The Pope star, headlining at a gig near you: Catholic bishops under fire for ‘cringe-making’ guide to the Papal visit Catholic bishops have likened the Pope to the headline act at a series of gigs in a ‘cringe-worthy’ ... More



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