In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

Catholic social teaching has long recognized the importance of workers having the freedom to organize together in order to push for improved working conditions and wages. The Catechism briefly summarizes: 2430 Economic life brings into play different interests, often opposed to one another. This explains why the conflicts that characterize it arise. Efforts should be made to reduce these conflicts... More


Anti-choicers get violent. Pro-lifers, annually, don’t.

This gentleman is expressing his displeasure with Steven Crowder's opinions. A group of anti-choice thugs got violent in Michigan today when the state government passed legislation that would give people the ability to choose. The choice, of course, is whether to join a workplace union or not. Michigan passed a Right to Work statute, and it awaits Governor Snyder’s signature, which will ... More

Union Rights and Responsibilities

The Cardinal Newman Society pointed out the other day that a slew of Jesuits at Marquette University wanted Gov. Walker of Wisconsin recalled. When asked why they did so, the spokesman for the Province would only confirm the signature of one of the Jesuit professors at Marquette and then referred the inquiring reporter to Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship (FC), the USCCB document on Cat... More

St. Joseph for The Common Good

Yesterday’s feast of St. Joseph the Worker didn’t seem to get much attention. That struck me as odd in an election year so caught up with issues of the Catholic faith and Catholic social teaching. Karol Wojtyla on the right taking a break from laboring. The feast was founded in 1955 by Pope Pius XII in response to the Communist celebrations on May Day. Today it’s known as the International W... More


Lefty Catholic at “Faith in Public Life” Fires First Salvos at Santorum, And Misses

Back in June I wrote The Catholic Case for Rick Santorum. Now that Santorum has registered a strong tied-for-first finish in Iowa and is the talk of the chattering classes, far-left Catholics have woken up and swooped in for the attack. The most notable example of this attempted theological assassination is by John Gehring of Faith in Public Life, who previously worked for Catholics in Alliance fo... More

Reader: Election 2011 results, Paterno to resign, Christmas tree tax, Bishop warns of ‘Atheocracy’

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Republicans take over Virginia Senate, pending a recount. Bryce Reeves (right) has an 86 vote lead. If that holds, the GOP will control both house of the Legislature and the Governor’s office. Ohio voters rejected GOP’s public union reform plan but also rejected President Obama’s hea... More

Ohio Needs SB 5. Support Issue 2.

Preface: Fiscal responsibility and sensible sharing of public costs are values eminently within Catholic social justice. So what I write here is entirely appropriate for a Catholic political site. –Tom Crowe Ohioans are on the verge of a momentous vote. Issue 2 on tomorrow’s ballot is a referendum on Senate Bill 5. A Yes vote upholds the law; a no sends officials back to the drawing b... More

Lessons Learned From the Wisconsin Union Battle

Joan Frawley Desmond has published an excellent and balanced recap of the Wisconsin fight over reforming government unions and how local bishops responded to the struggle. It’s not a rosy picture — Bishop Morlino of Madison in particular laments the divisions and partisanship which defined the Catholic debate throughout its course. But it’s important going forward that we underst... More

A local look at the Wisconsin recall elections

Editor’s note: We have invited Matt Korger to contribute this posting on the elections in his home state of Wisconsin. Matt is editor of the Badger Catholic blog. Let’s take a brief trip down memory lane. In February, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proposed a Budget Repair Bill which would rescue the state from a looming $3.6 billion ($3,600,000,000) state budget deficit.  Wiscons... More


In Wisconsin, a Rebuke to Union Wrath

Alberta Darling (R) speaks to press after holding her seat in the most targeted WI Senate race. I was on my computer late last night and so had a chance to witness the failure of a months-long effort by unions and Democrat groups to take back the Wisconsin Senate after it helped Governor Scott Walker introduce pension reforms for public sector union employees. Because I was actively tweeting my re... More



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