Frontline Faith, bringing consolation to our soldiers overseas

I thought this was a perfect video to post on Christmas Eve, to remind us to pray for those who, because of their service to our country, will not be able to spend Christmas with their loved ones. More information about Frontline Faith, Military Ministry and Adopt-a-Chaplain can be found in the accompanying article (fair warning – I have not had a chance to examine the work of these initia... More


Urgent: Papal plea to save Asia Bibi, and how we can help

UPDATE – TAKE ACTION NOW AT THE CATHOLICVOTE ACTION CENTER. Today Pope Benedict made his own the international outcry for the Muslim government in Pakistan to spare the life of Asia Bibi: Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian who, following a discussion with some Muslim colleagues, was accused by the latter of having pronounced offensive words against the Prophet Mohammed and denounced to... More

One week after attack, Catholic Iraqis return to mourn

We must never forget our Catholic brothers and sisters who are under attack in Iraq. To get to Mass at Our Lady of Salvation Church on Sunday, worshipers had to pass through a blockade of police trucks, past armed sentries on the rooftop, and through a security checkpoint where they were frisked for weapons and explosives. Some came in mourning black, many in tears, most in a spirit of quiet ... More

Pope to assembly: “Urgent need” to educate laity in Church’s social doctrine

It’s very rare you see the words “urgent” in a Vatican Information Service headline, but that’s what we see in today’s papal missive – two days after the midterm elections here in America and four days after the Presidential election in Brazil: The Pope has sent a Message to Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice an... More

Abps. Wuerl and Burke make Cardinal!

You know you’re a papist blogger when, having covered Church news at a distance for so long, it takes some time for you to realize that one of the cardinals announced today is actually your cardinal, the archbishop of your city. That was the case for me today upon the announcement that Archbishop of Washington, DC Donald Wuerl is one of the two American archbishops who will be made a cardina... More

This Wednesday: Celebrate the 2nd Annual Anglo-Catholic Reunification Day!

In the wake of Pope Benedict’s successful visit to the UK and the weekend news that a third Anglican bishop has announced his decision to cross the Tiber, I realize it’s the right time to prepare for the 2nd Annual Anglo-Catholic Reunification Day, which will take place this Wednesday. Last year, you see, on the day that it was announced that Pope Benedict would create a “perso... More



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