And When is Partisan Really Partisan?

Have you been called partisan recently? I think it happens to me about five times a day. Either in an e-mail, or a comment, or, worse, in an e-mail about my alleged partisanship which is sent to my boss… or to just random people at my work with important-sounding titles, people who could probably get me in trouble. I get called “partisan” a lot. Though I don’t like being labele... More

Principles vs. Prudence the U.S. Bishops and Economics

The news out of the USCCB meeting in Atlanta last week included a conversation amongst the bishops about reactions to Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget. It was a conversation more important than the personal figures of Ryan, Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing, Michigan, or even Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, California. It was a conversation about what the Church is competent to say and do and about ... More

What a Rush: the USCCB and Neil Peart!

A break from the voting part of Catholic Vote for a moment. . . . I participated in a wonderful conference this past week.  Sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education (Larry Reed, the anti communist Indiana Jones of the 1980s, is the president; Carl Oberg is his vice president), a number of faculty explored the history of the notion and manifestations of liberty.  The facilities were exc... More

Cardinal Dolan: White House Lectured My USCCB Staff On How to Interpret Catholic Teaching!

Cardinal Timothy Dolan sent a letter to his brother bishops earlier this week where he revealed a shocking conversation that recently took place at a meeting between White House and USCCB staff: At a recent meeting between staff of the bishops’ conference and the White House staff, our staff members asked directly whether the broader concerns of religious freedom—that is, revisiting the stra... More

Every Single Bishop Has Condemned the Obama/HHS Mandate! (181)

From Portland, Maine to San Diego, California– From Miami, Florida to Seattle, Washington– Every single Roman Catholic bishop in the United States has condemned in public the Obamacare HHS mandate — all 181 bishops who lead dioceses in the U.S. have spoken. This is a simply incredible, unified, universal Catholic witness on this critical issue of religious freedom. (To those wond... More

Obama vs. Religious Liberty: 5 Notable Updates

1) My list of bishops who have spoken out against the Obama/HHS mandate now stands at 115. So well over half of the U.S. bishops who head dioceses have spoken out. 2) Senator Marco Rubio today introduced a bill (“the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012″) to repeal the Obama/HHS mandate. This is significant because the Democrat-controlled Senate will be the hardest obstacle to ove... More

[Updated w/ Video] My Thoughts on HHS Hearing + Statement By Rep. Buerkle

This morning I attended the Congressional oversight committee’s hearing on the Department of Health and Human Service’s decision to pass-over the US Bishops Conference and award a grant to help victims of human trafficking to other, less-qualified organizations that consent to doing referrals for abortions, sterilization and contraception. Before I get to summarizing my experiences, I ... More

In Fight Between HHS & Bishops, Let’s Remember Who Has the Most to Lose: Sexually Exploited Young Women

Probably the best person to discuss the ongoing dispute between the USCCB, Kathleen Sebelius of HHS, and the Obama administration is Steven Wagner. He was the director of the Human Trafficking Program at Health and Human Services from 2003-2006, and was the architect of the original program to aid victims of human trafficking administered by the USCCB. Wagner rightly points out that Kathleen Seb... More

House to Hold Hearing on Anti-Catholic HHS Discrimination Next Thursday

Big news that I saw on the wire : Next week the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing on the administration’s decision not to renew funding for United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) program to assist human trafficking victims. According to news reports, the decision was made due to USCCB’s pro-life stance and funds were withheld despite objectio... More

Breaking: 27 Senators Demand HHS Explain Denial of Grant to US Bishops

I’ve been trying to watch the live-feed of the public sessions and press conferences of the U.S. Bishops meeting in Baltimore today, where religious liberty issues have frequently come up. Today witnessed another important development in Washington, DC: Senators Rubio and Ayotte Twenty-seven U.S. senators requested information on how the Department of Health and Human Services graded appli... More



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