Vatican II & The Legacy Of Pope Benedict XVI

What will the ultimate legacy be for Pope Benedict XVI? Well, the first answer is obvious—he’ll be the pope who broke centuries of tradition and stepped down from office, establishing a precedent that it’s okay for the pontiff to retire. For the record when I say he “broke centuries of tradition”, I’m not attempting to cast it in a negative light. Clearly, the Holy Father felt this was... More

Why Should We Care About the Atomic Bomb?

The debate comes up every once in a while in Catholic circles, and it comes up below. I want to take issue with Brad Birzer a little, but with Tom Crowe a lot more. Because our acts of destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not only wrong, they were monumentally wrong in a way that changed us. America hasn’t had the same moral force ever since. Vatican II The Second Vatican Council conde... More



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