Economic ignorance affecting the Church

Call me a Johnny One Note, but the primary reason I became an economist was to help demonstrate to others the human suffering that results from socialism and the incredible material progress that results from free markets. The better material progress we make, the more time and energy we can devote to leisure pursuits, including prayer, spiritual reading, going to daily Mass, etc. This message isn... More


Everything in your country stinks? A suggestion: don’t be autocratic socialists.

When a “revolution” has continued for more than 50 years and all that has resulted is greater stagnation and a crumbling infrastructure one might be tempted to rethink one’s model. Not if you’re the Castro boys. They, instead, look for another, wealthier, nation to suck up to and live off of. For the past 10+ years that nation has been Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. Now tha... More

The Catholic Church in Venezuela: standing up for freedom and liberty.

In 2006, Hugo Chavez greeted Archbishop Jorge Cardinal Urosa as a head of state when he returned from Rome. I don't think there will be any similar greetings any time soon. (Andrew Alvarez/AFP/Getty Images) The people of Venezuela delivered a huge blow to the near-hegemonic authority of Venezuelan president (and would-be dictator) Hugo Chavez in September of last year, reducing Chavez’ ... More



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