Local TV Shows Move-In Day for St. Paul’s Largest Seminarian Class in 30 Years

Signs and stories of hope: From the University of St. Thomas: When seminarians from the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity of the University of St. Thomas gather for their annual group photo at the start of the school year on Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 7, it will be the largest such gathering since 1980. The seminary is welcoming 30 new graduate-level seminarians this fall, bringing the tot... More

If Church Law requires married priests & deacons to abstain from sex, what is to be done? (+ what did I leave unsaid before?)

Five days ago I blogged about my father’s canonical argument that the current law of the Church says permanent deacons (and all clerics) are obliged to abstain from sex with their wives. The aftermath has been about what I expected it to be: many people took the news in a spirit of curiosity and openness, and joined me in petitioning that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the proper authorit... More

From Rome and at home, an unprecedented Catholic push for marriage

American bishops and Pope Benedict himself are making unprecedented statements about the urgent need to defend the definition of marriage in our society, and to provide concrete support to young families. Let’s start with Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing, MI – writing about vocations week: We have a vocation crisis in America. This is not what you think. It is a vocation crisis in marr... More



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