Why All The Animosity Toward Voucher Programs?

The word “voucher” has become a dirty word with the political Left in this country and their PR campaign has succeeded in giving it a negative connotation with a large swath of swing voters. Whether its education or Medicare, all one needs to do is accuse someone of wanting to “voucherize” the system—the word chosen by President Obama in his convention speech at Charlotte, and one gains ... More

Reader: Romney & Perry spar before debate, 3 Dems blast IL redistricting, Pope addresses German Parliament

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Mitt Romney and Rick Perry scrapped just hours before the GOP debate in Orlando tonight on Fox News at 9 pm ET. Picking up on the concern that Perry might have a tough time winning suburban voters, Tim Pawlenty wrote an op-ed for Politico with the not-so-subtle title: “Romney is electable.” http://cvote.... More

Reader: T-Paw endorses Mitt, Candidates to debate Social Security, and GOP hope to win 2 House seats

After a summer hiatus, the Lunchtime Reader is back. We’ll be assembling important stories to keep your eyes on. Election 2012 Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty endorses Mitt Romney for President. http://cvote.to/2k Political analyst Larry Sabato says that Pawlenty is unlikely to be Mitt’s running mate since they are both northern governors. http://cvote.to/2l Katrina Trinko of National R... More

Republicans Join Democrats to Betray Illinois Students

You’re asking, aren’t school vouchers a Republican/conservative/libertarian core belief? You’d expect Democrats to kill it — and certainly many did their part — but why would Republicans join in execution? The usual explanation is tempting. Leading the House GOP opposition was one Rep. Roger Eddy, a double dipper from downstate Hutsonville. According to a Family Taxp... More


Dollars For Scholars: Rev. Senator James Meeks Seeks Support for Catholic Schools

My first encounter with Rev. Meeks was rather comical…there are two organizations on the South Side of Chicago named House of Hope, one a shelter run by Catholic Nuns, and the other a 25,000 member mega-church led by Rev. James Meeks.  Driving to drop off some items for the shelter, I called the number I had for the House of Hope and was greeted by one of Rev. Meeks staff.  After a quick e... More




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