Prayers for the Special Ops casualties.

One Navy Special Warfare source called it “the worst day in our history by a mile.” Twenty-two Navy SEALs, 8 other U.S. military personnel, and 7 Afghan commandos were killed when their chinook crashed in Afghanistan. Dangerous things are done around the world by men and women dedicated to preserving and protecting our freedoms. Tragedies of this magnitude underscore that fact. The sp... More

Libya: Obama Could Have Been Presidential. Instead, Pull the Plug.

Obama's Kosovo? Or Somalia? I’m with Brad on Obama and Libya. Except when I’m not. I would love to see Obama’s wings clipped. The czars, the health care takeover, the use of TARP funds to buy auto companies, the energy policy aimed to drag us back to the heady days of the 1970s (if not the 1570s), the “beer summit,” the bowing, the fecklessness, the arrogance (th... More

President Obama’s decision to declare war on Libya is unconstitutional, and also foolish

President Obama’s decision to declare war against Libya is as unconstitutional as it is strategically stupid.  It might also very well be immoral from the Augustinian and Thomistic traditions of just war. And, let me be blunt, the Obama administration has been a near total disaster from its opening moments–from its desire to nationalize the health care system to its absurd “cash... More



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