Second Presidential Debate Indicates Two Clashing Views Of Women

Just before yesterday’s debate, a USA Today/Gallup poll showed Gov. Mitt Romney taking the lead over President Barack Obama. The lead was largely attributed to more women giving their support to the governor. As I wrote yesterday, this suggests that maybe, just maybe, women care about more than “pelvic politics” (abortion, contraception, abortion and abortion). The debates gave considerabl... More


What Women Want: Romney Leads Obama

An outside observer, say an anthropologist hundreds of years from now, might survey the evidence of our conversations and conclude that women were only concerned about their genital regions. Look no further than the so-called war on women, just another version of pelvic politics. You know, abortion, contraception, abortion, and, oh yes,  abortion. As if women have no other concerns. Well, a USA T... More


The Heart of the Lie

What is the Obama Administration’s “Free Contraception for All” mandate really about? It’s not, as so many others have ably pointed out, about women’s health. Contraception has long been free (or almost free) for the asking to all comers, and you could fill an insurance adjuster’s logbook for a month dealing with all the other far more essential procedures and drugs for which women are... More

Wedding Dresses & Women. Or “How women dream of Prince Charming and wakeup in ‘The Hangover.’”

As a designer of high-end wedding dresses, Justina McCraffrey (full disclosure – a  friend of mine) sees a lot of the inner workings of weddings.  Her work brings her closely in contact with the bride, as described in a recent piece for The Huffington Post. She gets a chance to watch the dress reveal to the bride the woman she once dreamed of becoming, a woman she forgot a long time ago w... More


Reader: Santorum wants tax cuts for manufacturing, Pentagon weighs more cuts, Personhood Amendment tied in polling

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. In Iowa, Rick Santorum notes that unemployment for persons with college degrees is only 5%. Says we must revitalize manufacturing and processing. The Pentagon is weighing base closures and military benefits in the face of budget cuts. Says it all: Americans reduced debt... More

When Consumerism And Motherhood Collide

It’s a brave new world. We’re so far down the slippery slope, we don’t remember when we started sliding. Seriously. Now, the right to choose means that women can not only choose the sex and even some of the genetic traits of their infant, but it also means that they can dispose of their “products” at will. Sounds like ancient Rome to me, only this time it’s the women with the power, n... More

re: Catholic Institutions Need More Vince Lombardi’s

Mark, the documentary about St. Anthony’s, The Street Stops Here is powerful. And it underscores a point our culture can forget: Men are powerful influences on one another. Men are powerful influences on boys, giving them the example they need to be men, to know what a man is. Relatedly: We need men — to be confident in their masculinity. (And we need women to be confident in the comp... More



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