Democratic Convention Responds To Exaggeration With More Of The Same

Last week in this space I offered the opinion that the Tampa Republicans had gotten carried away with the “you didn’t build that” rhetoric and moved President Obama’s words from this summer well beyond his original meaning. This past week was the Democrats’ chance to respond. And as is the case, in American politics, they responded not with truth, but with wild exaggerations of their own... More

Reining In “You Didn’t Build That” Rhetoric

The Republican Convention was wrapped up and a few themes were hit repeatedly—that while President Obama inherited a difficult situation he made it worse, then he’s better at talking than at doing and that he is in the throes of an ideology that has failed everywhere it’s been tried. Agree or disagree with that assessment, it’s certainly fair fodder for debate these next two months. But th... More

What if You DID Build it…AND had Help?

I’ve been watching the furor over President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comments with interest. As is often the case in political theater, I think both sides are overplaying their hands. Republicans are exploiting the President’s comments for all the political capital they’re worth, overlooking the nuance in the speech that would give context to the r... More

Analyzing Obama’s Business Remarks At Ronoake

Barack Obama's remarks about business owners stirred up a tempest this past week. The president of the United States took out after business owners earlier this week—at least owners who don’t share his particular political agenda. In a speech at Roanoke that’s now been widely disseminated and already dissected here at Catholic Vote by Tom Crowe, Barack Obama provided his own version of ... More



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