TBTR: Cake Edition

Remember when I wrote back in December that some gay activists were upset that Dr. Jenny Morse of the Ruth Institute decided to wear a rainbow scarf? I suggested that we should take back the rainbow (“TBTR”), and made the point that to many the rainbow symbolizes peace. I also suggested that the disagreements between gay activists and Christians could be more peaceful in 2011.

AmP reader Carolyn decided to take this to heart when choosing what cake she wanted to bake for her birthday this year:

She writes: “What’s more common ground than cake?? We’ll toast to the success of your efforts and that of CatholicVote at my birthday party!”

Thanks, Carolyn! We here at CV hope your birthday party is full of peace and joy.

(We were also wondering how hard it is to send a piece of cake through the mail…)



  • chrb

    Wow that looks beautiful. I am going to make one for Gay Pride Weekend this year.

  • Stuart

    What horrible people you are. I’m embarrassed by your anti-gay hate. The rainbow symbolizes diversity and loving ALL your neighbors. You preach hate.


      Stuart – I think the messege from Carolyn is we can all share the rainbow. If I can sucessfuly make one, the gay peple at my retirement party will like the cake.

      • Samson

        Well, the article doesn’t say we can all share the rainbow and be happy together, it says that Christians should take back the rainbow away from the gay people. Maybe you should re-read the article, since you obviously didn’t yet. It’s offensive, it’s discriminatory, and it’s not Christian.

        • Carolyn

          Maybe you should re-read the article. Here’s what it says:
          Thom “made the point that to many the rainbow symbolizes peace. I also suggested that the disagreements between gay activists and Christians could be more peaceful in 2011.”

          That’s what it says. The rainbow originally symbolizes peace and I would hope that’s something that everyone can agree on…much like cake because it’s delicious. The rainbow also is a symbol of God’s love for all of humanity – all, everyone.

          The rainbow is not the sole property of gay activists, which is what the link in the article above responds to. [Ex. the Italian ‘pace’ flag is everywhere (well, it used to be in the early 2000s)…it doesn’t stand for gay pride. It stands for peace.]

          The idea behind TBTR is that the original symbolism of a rainbow not be rewritten and ignored. That’s not discriminatory. It’s factual.

  • TrueCatholic

    No pun intended, but this is really in bad taste. Why must people constantly seek to agitate and cause unrest?

    • James

      Agreed. I have nothing against baking a rainbow cake, but the post is in poor taste. It amounts to nothing more than a obvious attempt to rub salt in old wounds. It’s meant only to demean, degrade, and oppress gays. It’s very unchristian.

    • Kathleen

      This is a stance of taking back what our Lord has given to us in our Christian heritage. The rainbow rightfully is a sign of His promise that He has given to us. It is a sign of His sacred convenant. Check out Genesis 8 & 9 and you can see that His promise has been around far longer than the Gay rights movement.

    • Irishtroubadour

      True Catholic, you might want to get some new tastebuds because who would we be agitating? The LGBT community? I mean lets be honest, they complain anything and everything. And so God puts a bow in the sky to mark his covenant of never flooding the earth again, and all we as “True Catholic’s” would like to do, is simply state that we are supporting the promise of God of not wiping mankind “even though every inclination of [their] heart is evil from childhood” Gen8:21. So though we are sinful, their are those of us who know what sinful behavior is and we are just trying to let the LGBT community know what the Rainbow really stands for. Now if they (the LGBT community) would like to take burning sulfur as thier colors, more power to them. It’s not to agitate them, it’s just in the recipe for Sodom and Gomorrah. Don’t believe me, Mix Gen 19:5 with Gen 19:23 and you get a platter of fried food. It’s not pleasant but from a biblical perspective, but similar activites are promoted of people in those communities and we see how God deals with those sins. Becuase Hell is still a reality for people who prefer to stay in Sin.

      • susanna

        Sorry Irish, meant to click on “like”

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  • Carolyn

    Everyone needs a little more color in their day…especially in a cold, dreary Midwestern February!

    And if any Papists are interested in attempting this colorful monstrosity with me, here’s the link:


    Lemony swiss meringue buttercream frosting! Mm!


      Carolyn – It’s unusually bright and sunney here in SF. Whatever the weather you’ve lit on bright candle. I’ll try and make one for my retirement party.

  • Bruce

    Well, I’m hungry now! That looks good!



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