TBTR: Cake Edition

Remember when I wrote back in December that some gay activists were upset that Dr. Jenny Morse of the Ruth Institute decided to wear a rainbow scarf? I suggested that we should take back the rainbow (“TBTR”), and made the point that to many the rainbow symbolizes peace. I also suggested that the disagreements between gay activists and Christians could be more peaceful in 2011.

AmP reader Carolyn decided to take this to heart when choosing what cake she wanted to bake for her birthday this year:

She writes: “What’s more common ground than cake?? We’ll toast to the success of your efforts and that of CatholicVote at my birthday party!”

Thanks, Carolyn! We here at CV hope your birthday party is full of peace and joy.

(We were also wondering how hard it is to send a piece of cake through the mail…)



  • Kat

    I have been to the party, and the cake is not a lie. In fact, it was quite delicious. Make a rainbow cake for your next event!

  • Ann

    Thanks Carolyn for making me laugh – gotta love someone who is a fan of Martha and Amer Papist! Peace!

  • Brad

    Fr. John Harvey’s, the founder of the Courage/Encourage Apostolate, memrial Mass will be celebrated Saturday Feb 19th at 12:00 noon, St Paul the Apostle Church, near Columbis Circle, Manhattan, NY. Fr. Benedict is scheduled to preach the homily. Fr. Harvey passed away at age 92 in late December. Please pass this to your Catholic friends who support this pro life, pro family, and pro chastity apostolate.



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