Team Romney to young adults: Want to be forced to move back in with your parents after college? Vote for Barack Obama

Saddled with thousands of dollars of student loans and facing one of the worst economies in decades, recent college graduates are being forced to move back home at an alarming rate. According to a report released by the Pew Research Center this past March, the number of young adults living with their parents is the highest it’s been since the 1950s.

Oddly enough, polls continue to show that young adults support President Obama, though not as enthusiastically as they did in 2008. The Obama campaign knows this and has tried to bolster its credibility among young voters by promising them affordable student loans and highlighting the fact that they can stay on their parent’s insurance until they turn 26. But those efforts may be in vain. As recently as August, a CNN poll indicated that support for the president among 18-29 year-olds was down to 56%, a full 10 points less than the 66% he won in 2008.

Advanced statistics suggest it’s unlikely the youth vote will have the same impact it did in 2008, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important voting bloc. In a race bound to be decided by the slimmest of margins, each and every vote counts. And to that end, the Romney campaign released the following image. It’s a powerful reminder that President Obama’s policies haven’t helped young adults as effectively as he said they would.



  • Obama Fan

    If Rich RoMONEY has his way, kids wont be leaving in the FIRST place because he is cutting funding for education. This is a benefit for the middle class. Of course it will be cut. Tough luck young people.

    • Guest

      How ignorant can you be? You obviously need a good education. I hope you are able to find one. No matter how thin a sheet of paper is, it still has 2 sides. Look at the opposition’s views from a conservative website with an open mind- you will learn something. Even the Liberal Economists are saying that the easy availability of student loans has exponentially driven up the cost of college. Kids didn’t stop attending colleges when we had Repubican Presidents and they won’t stop when we have President Romney but they have incurred huge student loan debt under Obama and with taxmageddon hitting them in 2013 thanks in part to Obamacare and Obama’s deficit spending in the trillions (16 and counting) they will be paying those college loans back for most of their lives. Try a Community College- the best deal around and affordable.

      • CJ336

        So the demand for college has driven up college costs….so republicons dont want to fund them anymore? So I guess that means a middle class child cn no longer go to college….that is EXACTLY what it means. How about his cost cutting measure? Republicons took off regulations when they had the majority in congress which resulted in the banks going wild and collapsing the economy under George Bush. SO….republiCONS BROKE our nation and now they want us to vote to put them back in to FINISH the job. Now that is some SMART bookkeeping. NEVER put them back in office. And as far as the Churches, they have prostituted themselves for a political party that is giving them money. I am LOSING respect for ANY church that would stand up and call republiCONS MORAL after they bankrupted the country. AND….the Catholics in Germany gave the majority vote to Hitler and put him in office. That is EXACTLY what the CHURCHES are doing TODAY. Why do we want a government like Russia has with 1 percent ELITE has it all…and the rest are paupers. Anyone is a fool if you think Romney is ANYTHING different from the 1 percent elite in Russia. Check Romney’s father. He did business with STALIN in Russia…made a fortune. So who is the Communist here?

        • St Joseph (JC’s step-dad)

          You really have to lay off the Kool-Aid, bro.

  • Rich

    ANd the Bishops, when asked to comment on this topic, said, “We are not sure this is a Catholic issue, maybe no one is right.”
    CV ridiculed the Bishops for being honest.

  • Mary

    Very effective message”. Last I saw, unemployment and underemployment among youth was a staggering 23%. No message of confusion that you weave can counteract the simple fact that these kids know that they or their friends are having trouble finding work. I know some myself.
    Truth is a stubborn thing.

    • I Smell Hypocricy

      The last time you saw that number was evidently when Bush was president. Unemployment is dropping, and has been for the last year since Obama has dug our economy out of the mess Bush made.

      • Becky

        I have a bridge for sale that I am sure you would be interested in buying.

        • Stupid people

          so you have no facts, so you resort to a personal attack that doesn’t even make sense.

      • Jan

        Let’s see – gas is more than double, meat is so expensive its almost unaffordable and the people in this great country are at each other’s throats. Bush didn’t do that – YOUR boy did.

      • CJ336

        WHY…would the American people want to go back to that? I guess the ones who had no problems with their jobs or income….think it was fine what THEY did to the working poor in this country. Do SOME people have it so fine in this country that they dont care what leaders do to the rest of the people. Our nation will NEVER be great again, until we get rid of these elite people who are taking over our country. (the one percent) and those of you arguing for them…will lose EVERYTHING you have before it is through. You will just have further to fall.

    • Just the facts Mam

      When did you last look? Maybe you should look again or look at more reliable sources. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for 16- to 24-year-olds reached 19.5 million in July 2012, up 2.1 million since April. In 2011, youth employment rose by 1.7 million from April to July. The July 2012 employment-population ratio for youth–the proportion of the 16- to 24-year-old civilian noninstitutional population with a job–was 50.2 percent, up from July 2011. The number of unemployed youth in July 2012 was 4.0 million, little changed from 4.1 million a year ago. The youth unemployment rate was 17.1 percent in July 2012. But of course, there is difficulty finding work when corporations pack up shop and move overseas to exploit a cheaper workforce.

      • Karen

        Corporations move overseas to save money on taxes! Lawmakers of both parties have said the U.S. corporate tax code needs a rewrite and they are aiming to try next year. One shared source of concern is the top corporate tax rate of 35%—the highest among developed economies. By comparison, Ireland’s rate is 12.5%. Under Obama, the corporate tax rate is not expected to change significantly- hence, more good American jobs will be heading overseas.

        • Corporate Tax Myth

          Karen, CNN Money exposes the corporate tax myth that you’re trying to perpeuate. See:
          “In fact, the United States collects less corporate tax relative to the overall economy than almost any other country in the world.
          And that’s a more objective measure of tax burden. Different accounting rules around the world means what’s counted as income in one country isn’t counted in another — that makes comparisons of tax rates misleading.
          U.S. corporate tax collections totaled only 1.7% of GDP in 2009, the most recent year for which complete data is available, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
          On that measure, the United States had the third lowest corporate tax burden, behind France and Germany. The worldwide average was 2.8%. “

          • Karen

            Corporate Tax Myth- I worked for one of the huge corporations that just moved to Ireland, so I know EXACTLY what I am talking about, pal. Some of my co-workers transfered to Ireland but I was lucky to find another job- 2.5 hours away from my home! I have to commute for 2 years until my youngest graduates from high school. The price of gas is killing me. Yes, I have a job- but my salary has decreased substantially.

          • CJ3366

            We had decent paying jobs in this country, until 6 rich heirs got together in the 1970’s to fight socialism. To THEM, socialism…is when the middle class is doing well…and the rich are doing well. They cant have that. The rich think they are entitled to ALL the wealth. So the corporations of the richest heirs took over our political system. WATCH the documentery….”HEIST.” You can lay all this at the feet of Richard A Scaife, David Koch, Charles Koch, Joseph Coors, Edward E Noble, and supreme court justice…Lewis Powell. It was a DELIBERATE takeover of our political system.

          • Karen

            I had a decent paying job until a few months ago when my company moved operations to Ireland. All of my College friends and family have decent paying jobs. My plumber has a decent paying job, my teacher neighbor has a decent paying job. We are all middle class and we were doing well until Obamacare passed (employers with under 50 employees are afraid to hit that magic 50 mark), gas prices DOUBLED, food prices DOUBLED, and our 401K’s tanked and we are earning no interest on our savings but paying huge college tuition increases for our kids who have Stafford Loans at 6.8% interest! You can blame the rich corporations (I am not a huge fan of them) BUT you need to acknowledge the Democratic spending and liberal takeover of our political system. Every Democrat in our political system is AS RICH as the Republican counterpart- some much, much richer. (Kerry, Edwards- who ran as VP with Kerry, Pelosi, Clinton, Reid, etc…) and look at the Dem supporters- the CEO of Planned Parenthood earns $400,000/year- and the Hollyweid crowd- multi millionaires (Clooney, Oprah, etc..) Hollywood and the Rich Liberals have overtaken our political system.

  • I Smell Hypocricy

    Kids graduate college, return home to live with their parents to save up money to buy their first home, just like most people did in the 1950’s. Who’s surprised that this is the one traditional american family value that CatholicVote is evidently against.

    • Johanna

      So instead of going FORWARD, we have gone BACKWARDS?

      • Fakeris

        Isn’t that the position of CatholicVote on a number of issues? Moving backward.

        • Guest

          Fakeris- You are the one who is obviously backward.

    • Janis Aleris

      So instead of moving FORWARD, we are falling BACKWARDS?

  • I Smell Hypocrisy

    Kids living at home for a few years after college and forging an adult relationship with their parents and saving up so they can buy their first home, just like everyone did in the 1950’s. Evidently, this is the ONE traditional American family value that CatholicVote is against. Who’s surprised?

    • AuthenticBioethics

      Saving up for a house implies having a job. The problem today is that kids are back with their parents as an alternative to being homeless because they can’t find suitable work. Big difference.

      • I Smell Hypocricy

        The report does not say that at all. There are plenty of jobs. Unemployment is dropping, and the economy added the most jobs last month since the beginning of the Bush era. It took us a while to climb out of the mess Bush made, but we are doing it!

        • Janis Aleris

          The jobs added are mostly part-time or temporary positions- which do not have to cover healthcare. In addition, many employers are threatening to reduce their full-time staff to part-time status to avoid Obamacare penalties.

          • Republican lackey

            This isn’t true. We are talking about full time jobs.

          • Guest

            You are wrong- Republican Lackey- the jobs added this past quarter are mostly minimum wage or part-time. Look it up.

  • Byebye Pell

    Hey kids! Unless your mommy and daddy are blessed with big bucks, if you vote for Romney you won’t even be able to afford college let alone finish it. Bye-bye Pell and other student subsidies.

    • RomneyBrain

      This is true. Not anyone can afford to go to college by selling a small percentage of their trust fund stocks like Romney.

      • Katie Gee

        Or be bankrolled by Frank Marshall Davis or Bill Ayers!

      • Becky

        Or be bankrolled by Franklin Marshall Davis or Bill Ayers?

    • Randall

      What makes you think students have the RIGHT to go to college? Is it in the Constitution? Is it in the Bible? No, it’s in your addled little liberal mind.

      • Greg Smith

        Randall – No right, but don’t you want your kids to go to college? – Greg

        • Karen

          In fact, many tradesmen earn substantially more than college grads if you factor in the cost of college tuition and the years spent studying rather than working. The question to ask is: is college the only way to get an advanced education? Since many Ivy school class lectures are available online (and free) an industrious person could educate themselves on their own free time.

          • Jan

            This is right on, Karen! There are too many kids going to college when they should be going to trade school – like you know, machinists…welders…mechanics…etc…you know, all them little people who just make the world work :)

          • Guest

            No, Jan- like PLUMBERS, CARPENTERS, ELECTRICIANS- I just had work done on my house- paid the Plumber $600 for a days work (he put in 2 faucets $350, removed the toilet and replaced the seal $150, and replaced the cover on a 2 foot baseboad radiator $100 and he was only at my house for 3 hours!) My carpenter charged me $4000 to replace my bathroom floor- the cost of materials was about $1000 and he did spend 4 full days at my house. The electrican had to run a circuit and charged me $500 and he was at my house for about an hour. The nicest house on my block is owned by a plumber and my carpenter has 2 homes and takes an expensive vacation every 3 months (fishes in Alaska, snowmobiles in Canada, catches the sun in Miami). My mechanic drives a Mercedes, lives in a new home with a 3 car garage and sent his son to an Ivy League school. So- who really is laughing at whom?

        • Randall

          Me??? Send my kids to the LIEberal ivory tower indoctrination centers? Better they be a plumber!

          • Tom

            Advanced education isn’t a right, you’re right about that. It’s a privilege However, It’s a privilege that should be available to our young people if they choose it. Did you get a college education, Randall? and Karen, listening to lectures doesn’t matter when it comes time for job applications. For education you can’t put ‘Youtubed some Harvard lectures.”

          • Guest

            Why rule out the inexpensive option of Community College? Why take on huge student debt when more reasonable options are available?

      • Thoroughly Modern Millie

        We’ve come a long way since the days of the Roman Empire, baby! Apparently, you want to drag us back to those days or even earlier.

    • Becky

      Actually, studies have shown that the wide availability of government loans and the student subsidies you have mentioned are the cause of the huge increases in college tuition!

      • Fakeris

        Amazingly, if people can’t get a loan, they won’t go to college, and demand will drop. Yet we need workers with college educations. What should we do? Start importing college educated workers from Mexico and send the American teenagers into the fields to pick the cotton? That is what will happen under Romney.

        • Guest

          Get real. Even the Liberal Economists are saying the easy availability of student loans has driven up the cost of college! Look it up and educate yourself. If kids can’t get a loan, they will go to the local Community College at a fraction of the cost (where I live the CC costs $2,500 and a Public College costs $25,000 and a Private College costs $50,000). Working at a Dept. Store for 20 hours a week would cover the cost of the CC plus gas and books- with $ left over for food and clothes! I know, because that is what I did. Stop letting the DU, Media Matters, and DNC scare you by their lies. Kids didn’t stop going to college when we had a Republican President and they won’t stop when we have President Romney.

      • Romney Flip Flop

        Becky, how disappointed are you now that Romney has flip-flopped yet again and now claims he wants to increase Pell grants? Of course, he has not yet provided details how the funding will be increased. And you Randle, are you not going to vote for Romney with him now claiming he intends to subsidize students? And Karen and Jim, you need to educate yourself to the reality that advanced manufacturing workers need at least a community college degree nowadays. Employers demand high level technical skills, not just basic high school shop class level skills.

    • Becky

      Or be bankrolled by Franklin Marshall Davis or Bill Ayers?



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