Tear-Jerker Video: Miracle 12oz-baby Audrey Jean born 15 weeks early

Have some Kleenex handy:

Audrey Jean was born 15 weeks early at just 25 weeks gestation due to severe pre-eclampsia and severe IUGR. At birth she weighed only 12 ounces (350 grams) and was 10 inches in length. The doctors gave us very little hope in her survival. But the minutes turned into hours and hours into days. She surpassed all expectations. After 93 days in the NICU, we brought our beautiful, healthy baby girl home. This video is a photo [and video] journal capturing our journey with Audrey from birth through her first 8 months of life! Her journey is truly remarkable. Enjoy!

A website which catalogues the tiniest surviving babies puts Audrey Jean at almost 100 grams heavier and several weeks older than other babies who have survived extreme-premature birth.

The video above is a rare chance to witness outside the womb what normally happens to little babies at this age inside the womb.

A new study shows that unborn twins interact with each other as early as 14 weeks. Audrey Jean is almost twice as old as the babies in that study.

37 states allow abortions past 24 weeks gestational age. Pro-abortion organizations believe all state bans on abortion are unconstitutional.



  • Mark Polo

    So, can some one re-post this without the Sony Music soundtrack so that those of us in Europe can see it? (Anything with a Sony soundtrack is automatically blocked by Youtube if you’re outside of the U.S.)

  • elizabeth

    Wow, that is a tear jerker! LOL Brought back a lot of memories, bittersweet! My oldest son is now 12 1/2 years old, was a 27 weeker. Much bigger than little Audrey in the video though, at 1050 grams. He was like a beanie baby size at birth. It is a long road, but I thank God for it. It helped me grow as a human being. He has cerebral palsy as a result, but girls usually have a more favorable outcome than boys. Anyhow he is doing great. Just brought home some tests with 105% grade. So I can’t complain at all.

    Abortion is a horrible, horrible thing. When you see this video how anyone can condone it, is beyond me. How hard must some people’s hearts be!

  • Pam T

    How precious! Thank you for sharing.

  • Matthew A. Siekierski

    Thanks for posting this. My 4th child was born 14 weeks early, so I recognized pretty much everything in the pictures. But at 640g she was huge compared to Audrey.

    It’s wonderful to see that the only medical concern at this time is ROP (per the tiniestbabies link). Laser surgery worked for my daughter (whose only other problems are small size, low muscle tone, and a need to wear AFOs) to handle that, and she hasn’t had a problem in the 4 years since.

    The best part is seeing the joy on the parents’ faces every step along the way, truly enjoying the little life as if every minute could be the last…because it could.

  • Joy

    State aborion bans are not enforced, but if Roe v. Wade is ever repealed, they will automatically go into effect. We’ll go back to how it was before the infamous ruling, when each state had its own laws on abortion. That is something pro-aborts don’t want you to know. They like to imply that repealing Roe v. Wade will make abortion illegal all over the U.S. The truth is that repeal would only make it illegal in states that have laws against abortion, turning it into a state-by-state fight. Only a Constitutional Amendment protecting the unborn would immediately outlaw abortion all over the U.S.

  • Deb

    My twin nieces were born at 21 weeks gestation, weighing 14 ounces each, and were a mere 9 inches long, the same height as a Barbie doll. One didn’t live 48 hours, but her sister is a beautiful, healthy, joyful 7 year old. It is truly amazing to witness the medical miracle that she is! Pray for the families of severely premature infants, it is a long very difficult road in the early days, and although the road gets easier, it takes time.



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