Teen Video Cleverly Explains the New Translation of the Mass

This video does a decent — not perfect — job of explaining the new translation of the Mass into English:

Word for Word [Edge] from Life Teen on Vimeo.

Found at Msgr. Charles Pope’s blog for the Archdiocese of DC (ph/t: The Anchoress).

There will be resistance to the new translation in places, especially because some liberal catholics are attempting to foment this hesitancy to accept the new translation as an excuse to rally catholics in the pew against their bishops (Bryan Cones at U.S. Catholic, for example). How petty.

My simple take: this new translation is better than the one we have now. Not perfect, but it’s moving in the right direction. We should welcome it with open arms, and to that end, sharing this video (especially with the youth group at your parish) may be a good way to jump start the conversation.

You can read the new translation here on the US Bishops website, along with lots of other helpful materials.



  • Diane at Te Deum

    I thought it was done quite well. Those who have a beef seem not to have a beef with the video itelf, but with the translations. If that is the case, then their real beef is with some 95% of the US bishops who voted for it and the Holy See which approved it.

  • Confused

    My own thoughts on the new translation aside (I’m not a fan at all, but I give credit to the kids who made the video-it was very well done) my objection is your use of “liberal Catholics” as if those who find the new translation devoid of energy or historically/linguistically inaccurate, this is not a left/right issue. This blog has the frequency of making politics out of almost everything related to the Church. I didn’t know Jesus came so that there would be “liberal” and “conservative” Catholics. He came for there to be CATHOLICS. Stop making this a political issue, demonizing those who disagree with you and throwing them into the same realm you throw people you disagree with politically.

    • JAL

      The “kids” who made this video are the Life Teen group. Its been on the web for a few months now.

    • Whitney

      Real Catholics know that the Church is a source of unchanging Truth, which does not evolve with the times. Liberal “Catholycs” want to remake the Church as they see fit. This includes, but is not limited to, acceptance of socialism, feminism, homosexual relationships, abortion, political correctness, and PC feel-good language devoid of meaning. No, Jesus did not come so that there would be “liberal” and “conservative” Catholics – partially because there is, by definition, no such thing as a liberal Catholic. A liberal has removed themselves from the Catholic Church and God’s presence.

      • James K

        Against the evil of too much socialism is the evil of too much capitalism, as Rerum Novarum states: “Let the working man and the employer make free agreements, and in particular let them agree freely as to the wages; nevertheless, there underlies a dictate of natural justice more imperious and ancient than any bargain between man and man, namely, that wages ought not to be insufficient to support a frugal and well-behaved wage-earner. If through necessity or fear of a worse evil the workman accept harder conditions because an employer or contractor will afford him no better, he is made the victim of force and injustice.”

        I’m confused as to how a minimum wage statute, or food stamps and other social welfare towards the poor conflicts with the Church’s teaching that we should help and feed the poor. Just because the democrats advocate a position, doesn’t make that position false. The converse is also true, just because the conservatives advocate a position, doesn’t make that position inline with church teaching. Perhaps you should read a few more papal encyclicals before you tow the Republican party line with such gusto. There are plenty of policies that the Republicans advocate which are not inline with the Church’s teaching. On the other hand, there are policies held by the Democrats which are fundamentally opposed to the church’s teaching as well. The Republicans tend to do well on the life issues, but not on war, the death penalty, or how our society treats the poor and sick. The democrats are complicit in grave moral evil in abortion, but their policies in other areas are much closer to the church’s stance. Catholics shouldn’t be liberal or conservative: we should be moderate. If we voted for someone who agreed with our church’s teaching on all the issues, we wouldn’t have to keep getting dragged along by a republican party which keeps saying they’re pro-life while doing little to act on that statement. Our political society has reached a similar point as where it was prior to the formation of the Republican party, where the Whig’s were anti-slavery, but also ‘realist’ in their approach to the issue. The Republicans are pro-life realists, i.e. they don’t expect abortion to ever go away, but advocate that position for votes.

  • Francine139

    Who the heck uses the word chalice anymore? It’s technically correct, but takes the mass further and further away from the people of today. It will be an ancient relic devoid of any relationship to our modern lives. I can not be more disappointed.

    • JAL

      Just wondering if this is the first time you have read anything on the New Translastion. Sounds like it is. Start looking into the work that was done and you might be bale to appreciate where the Church is going with the Liturgy.

    • Whitney

      So, are you saying that the Church should cater to your every whim? Perhaps change itself to fit your, and others’, definition of what passes as acceptable? Any attempt to “modernize” the Catholic religion takes it further away from God’s Truth. You need to recognize that the Church has lasted for 2000 years as-is, and the Truth has not changed in that time, nor will it ever. I’m sorry that you feel inconvenienced because the Church isn’t becoming more flashy, modern, or down to earth for you. Liberal Catholycs everywhere will decry this as a “step backwards,” much like your screed about ancient relics. If you can’t find meaning in the Mass because the words have become more accurate, maybe the problem is on your end.

  • Victoria

    Thank you for posting! Simple and concise way to understand this new translation! Keep passing it on and I will do the same! :)

  • Deacon James

    Sorry Thomas, I find this video to be entirely incorrect. The new translation is not exact, and it never will be. It might be more accurate than the old translations, and it might not. In the example of the video, they note the word “cup” (previously used) is now being replaced with the word “chalice.” This is a more direct translation, but frankly less accurate. When the bible was written, chalices were often used during banquets. Now, chalices are rarely used for dining and that word has come to mean a religious vessel. So while the word chalice is technically correct, the modern meaning would actually be closer to “cup”. So the new translation is actually less accurate and is FURTHER from the intended meaning in one sense.

    • Whitney

      I’m sure God is highly amused that you have deemed His original words, as written down by the Spirit-inspired authors, to be inferior to the words chosen by mortal, fallible humans with the intention of being more “modern and accessible.”

  • susanna

    Mirabile dictu! Deo gratias.



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