Tell Your Pro-Life Story of Hope

The Gregorian Institute at Benedictine College today launched its “Stories of Hope” project (, collecting and sharing stories of pro-life conversion. Might you share yours?

Abortion is the Achilles Heel of the powerful anti-family movement. Achilles was unstoppable, triumphing over everything in his path, until his one weak spot — his heel — brought him down. So it is with the anti-family forces that won big in November.

They seem unstoppable. But the abortion issue is essential to them — and it is extremely vulnerable.

For years, the pro-life position has steadily has gained more and more converts until the percentage of people who call themselves “pro-life” surpassed 50% a few years ago, according to Gallup. It has waned and waxed since then, but this year Gallup marked a historic low in the percentage of people willing to call themselves “pro-choice”.

The tide is turning in our favor. We could very well be headed for a cultural moment like the 1960s.

In the late 1960s, the culture seemed to change overnight, going from  “Leave it to Beaver” to the secular worldview expressed in John Lennon’s “Imagine.”  (“Imagine there’s no heaven … Imagine no religion … Imagine there’s no countries.”)

But the signs of the big changes to come had been there for decades. The Church had been decrying the escalation of secularism all century.  Pope Pius XII even warned about a crisis in the sacrament of confession.

In fact, the change had already occurred — “Leave it to Beaver” and shows like it were themselves just conservatively dressed stories that “imagined” a perfect secular world without religion: The Cleavers never prayed or went to church.

What happened in the 1960s wasn’t a sudden change — it was the tipping point that came at the end of a long, slow change.

Likewise with abortion. We have seen decades of changing attitudes that have left more and more people horrified by abortion.

There are many factors that account for the change.

Science is on our side. The prevalence of ultrasounds make it impossible to live the lie that the unborn child is just a “mass of cells.” We now know that even an embryo smaller than a pinhead has DNA which makes it a boy or a girl. Doctors now perform surgery on unborn children — include the unborn child who famously grabbed his surgeon’s finger from the womb.

Clear majorities of women are on our side. Women are seeing more and more that abortion is disrespect for women, not respect – because it has created a situation where a pregnant woman is pressured to kill her baby and wound her soul in order to get ahead in life. Women holding “I Regret My Abortion” signs are now a major force at pro-life events. And all of the work the pro-life movement has done for unwed mothers has not only allowed many babies a chance at life — it has won converts to our side.

We need to encourage more of the same.

That’s why at the Gregorian Institute at Benedictine College, we are collecting Stories of Hope. The most powerful way to change people is through stories. Nothing is so compelling as the truth coming to life in another person.

So many people have experienced that moment when they embrace the pro-life position. Their stories are sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes uplifting, but always bear witness to the hope that says life is better than death, and love is greater than both.

Send your pro-life conversion story to subject line: “Stories of Hope,” and we will share as many of them as we can.


Tom Hoopes is writer in residence at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kan., where he teaches in the Journalism and Mass Communications department and edits the college’s Catholic identity speech digest, The Gregorian.



  • Smiles

    Tom. I agree with the bulk of what you say with one exception. You clearly haven’t viewed Leave It To Beaver in it’s entirety. If you had you would recall the episode where Beaver gets in trouble for getting his new Sunday School suit dirty while playing on a construction site. You can bash I Love Lucy until the cows come home but please, leave Leave It To Beaver alone before people start refering to you as Eddie Haskell. Thanks.

  • abadilla

    Tom, the title of your post is, “Tell Your Pro-Life Story of Hope,” and I did just that. So, I get hateful mail saying I’m a troll even though I’m a member of CV and Mr. Peters can testify to that if anyone is interested to find out if I’m for “real” or not. of course, why would that be anyone’s business is beyond me.
    Some don’t believe my stories and that’s find. I’m not forcing anyone to believe anything I write.
    Some say I’m a “paid” troll of CV because I agree with what CV states. Of course I agree with CV and that’s why I’m here.
    Some say I should find better things to do with my time than to write my posts but I presume what they doing with their time is their business. I would never be so arrogant as to tell someone what he or she can do with their time because frankly, that woud be none of my business!
    Ultimately what do these trolls want me to do? Simple. They want me to shut up. These are the “tolerant” people of our society, but I will shut up when hell freezes over and pigs fly!

    • Liars liars

      You lie.

    • Wahbulance Express

      Someone call the “wah”bulance. Abadilla is being oppressed!

      P.S. You don’t just “agree” with CatholicVote, you are a paid troll of theirs and this is the only site that you comment on. You also regularly accuse others of being a paid troll. You also claim to have information that only a CatholicVote moderator has. So either you are a liar, or you are a moderator for CatholicVote that is lying about who you are.


      • Randall

        It’s no surprise that liberals who openly oppress Catholics are now mocking Catholics for pointing out that they are oppressed. You’re going to get a nasty surprise when St. Peter turns you away at the Gates.

    • Alexis

      Don’t pay attention to the hateful troll who is trying to disparage you. The troll is an instrument of Satan. Mr. Peter’s needs to give us a way to shut down the troll (it’s one person posting under many different names). Stay strong, Abadilla, you are a truthful servent of God.

      • abadilla

        Thank you very much for the vote of confidence. I keep hoping against hope that Mr. Peters will finally take care of these trolls. Yes, there is more participation now than under the old format, but is the partipation of openly anti-Catholic people good on a Catholic website? That’s something the moderators will have to deal with.

        • Randall

          That’s because these libs are still operating on a primary school mentality. Don’t let them get you down, abadilla. You are doing God’s work, they are doing Satan’s. Spoiler alert: God wins.

  • Barbara Pluym

    Watch “Leave it to Beaver” on Netflix. I watch it with my teen boys and they like it! They DID go to church, talk about God and ‘Sunday school’. June tells “the Beav” that God is always watching him. I imagine that the reruns on Nick at Night cut those parts out because I had never seen them before.

  • abadilla

    Many years ago my wife knew this lady who was pregnant and poor. She thought of an abortion. My wife counseled her against the abortion and asked her to talk to then Father Moreno. Father later became Bishop Moreno and he talked to the young lady and convinced her not to go through with the abortion. The good bishop helped her financially so she could have the child and my wife and the Hispanic community helped the young lady with everything from rent to food. Well, that lady later got married and had other kids and whenever she sees my wife, she thanks her for talking to her and listening to her many years ago. The child that was going to be aborted is now in her late twenties!
    My wife and I have also stood before abortion clinics praying the Rosary and we have convinced many women throughout the years not to go through with an abortion, then we have sent them to get financial help to have the baby.

    • Lying Troll

      This is a lovely story, but it is pure fantasy. It never happened. Because you are a god damned lying troll.

      • Francis

        So, do you take medication for your mental illness or are you just going with the flow?

        • abadilla

          Probably both!

    • Troll ALERT!

      Get the hell off this website troll. Anyone can look at all your posts and see that everyone of them is on “CatholicVote”. To find something more productive to do with your time.

  • Mike

    I believe that the hand of God’s Justice was exacted upon us in ’08 amnd reinforced in November 2012. Perhaps the hour of mercy is over.

  • Racing Catholic

    While a majority may call themselves “pro-life”, they are typically speaking about how they would choose for themselves, not for others. A solid 56% of Americans say that abortion should be legal in some or most cases and 58% of Americans believe that there should be a healthcare provider in their community that will perform abortions.

    Fewer than 37% of Americans say that abortion should be illegal in some or all cases.

    Keep spinning. It will get you nowhere.

    • PaigeH4

      I think if those who believe in choice, actually had the facts, saw what it looks like, saw the blood, the damage, then they would change their minds. It is not a pretty, clean and simple procedure. You are removing tissue from tissue. This is not natural and there are consequences. If it were a puppy being ripped out of the womb of the mother dog, there would be outrage. Yet it is a human being, and is sold as choice. Ask anyone who has ever had an abortion. There are consequences.

      • Racing Catholic

        I had an an abortion 27 years ago. I regret that decision every day of my life. But I do not support laws banning others from making their own decisions. I am now pro-life, but I do believe that women deserve to have that choice. We can not make decisions for everyone. What we can do is share our stories and help women to be able to choose to have their babies for themselves.

        Your puppies being ripped out doom and gloom does not help the pro-life cause. This has been proven. Listening to women, sharing experiences with women, and respecting women does work.

        • Connor McGinnis

          Fair enough, but following that logic, we cannot speak out against any moral atrocity. The Holocaust was legal. She we have just let Hitler get away with it because he deserved a choice?

          • Get the Picture?

            Maybe you should ask that question of these German priests Seig Heiling Hitler:


          • Francis

            Another ridiculous, unsubstantiated post. How do you know those priests are German? How do you know they are giving the Nazi salute? The posture is quite similar to raising one’s hand in blessing over someone. But, again, you probably know that and are just posting this to piss people off. Not working. Just pathetic.

          • Get Real

            Nonsense. There are many, many historically documented photos of German priests doing the Heil Hitler. You just insist upon denying history and all reality. And if there was blessing involved, I’d say it’s better to bless turkeys than Hitler.

          • Francis

            You funny person!! No, I do not deny that priests “did” the Heil Hitler (as if it were a dance… have a very unusual way of expressing yourself). I just don’t see any evidence that the photo you posted is a photo of that. But whatever. You are sounding a bit hysterical in these posts. Are you on some type of medication? If not, you might want to check with a psychiatrist, because they have some wonderful meds for the mentally ill these days. You don’t have to continue suffering this way.

          • Jimi

            Just because you don’t see any evidence of it being a photo taken in August 1933 at a Nazi Youth Rally in Berlin’s Neukolln Stadium doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And you suggested they weren’t German or giving a Nazi salute but rather a blessing. Have a nice evening, Randall/Francis/Antonio(?).

          • Francis

            Randall? Really?? That’s funny. I haven’t seen any Antonio. And you’re right – you haven’t shown any evidence that it is from a Nazi Youth Rally. Don’t forget to take your meds.

          • Get Out Ninny

            Hon. The holocaust was torture, mutilation, and murder of millions of human beings. As much as you personally believe that a fetus is a human being, they actually are not. Science has conusively proven this.

            Mind your own business.

          • Francis

            This is not true. The fetus is considered a human being, but not a “person” under the law. There is a difference, apparently. But you probably are aware of all of that and are just trying to piss people off by your posts.

          • Fetal Position

            No, a fetus is a fetus. Stop trying to redefine the meaning of words.

          • Francis

            Science Dictionaryfetus (fē’təs) Pronunciation Key
            The unborn offspring of a mammal at the later stages of itsdevelopment, especially a human from eight weeks after fertilizationto its birth. In a fetus, all major body organs are present. (Note: In a “human”, making this the “human” offspring. It’s not a cat, a dog, or a fish. It is a human.)

          • Mara

            You can speak out all you want. This is America. You can also pretend that a fetus is a child and then demand that women’s right of choice be taken away from them. Do that all you want too but don’t expect Americans to buy into it. That’s not your right. No one has a right to demand that others agree with them. Blabber away about human rights and attempt to tie it into the Holocaust. That’s your right too but don’t expect others to listen to you. That’s also not your right. “Racing Catholic” shared a personal and moving message with us and you tied that message to the Holocaust. How provocative of you. The Nazi’s used that approach against their Jewish neighbors and it worked. It won’t work here in America. Women’s right of choice will never be taken away from them in this country; ever. It’s a right that females achieve at birth and no “religious belief” that implies that women don’t have that right will ever be accepted in this country and the majority of Americans will react against any religion that attempts to force their religious beliefs on others. This country will NEVER be a theocracy. We are rabid anti-theocracy. We have seen the destruction that occurs when a religion runs a country. Keep pushing your anti-women’s choice philosophy and be prepared to be ignored.

          • Randall

            Mara, you are truly a horrible human being.

      • abadilla

        You are absolutely correct. Once I had to debate on T.V. this lady who owned an abortion clinic. We went back and forth talking about abortion but I don’t think people understand what abortion really is, the utter destruction of an innocent baby who can’t defend himself or herself. Finally, I got tired of the lies and offered to show on T.V. the first four forms of abortion on slides. The lady who was debating me immediately got up and told the moderator she would not stay to continue to debate me if I showed the pictures. I asked, why are you afraid of these pictures? Could it be that once the viewing public sees them the term “abortion” would mean something radically different for them?
        I teach a course on the Holocaust. My Senior students think they know what the word means till they see pictures the Allies took when they first saw the horrors of the Shoah. After my students see these pictures, they will never understand the word “Holocaust,” the way they used to.

        • ABADILLA is a PAID TROLL

          Are you a paid troll? You only post on CatholicVote. We all know that this site doesn’t get much traffic. Are you paid to post on this website so that it looks like people are actually reading this hateful drivel?



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