Terrible irony: St. Joseph & Precious Blood Award Abortion Supporter & Race Baiter

(From Cardinal Newman Society’s Campus Notes blog.)

Hopefully this image will, erm, "grace" the award they're giving.

It really is sad when any Catholic college or university honors anyone who directly opposes Catholic orthodoxy. But the irony here just makes me shake my head.

A college named in honor of the man who protected Mary through her pregnancy and then guarded her virtue through the rest of his life; a college founded and run by a congregation named in honor of the blood that flowed from the many wounds Our Lord endured during his gruesome passion, especially that caused by the Roman lance—that college will give an award named after Martin Luther King, Jr. (who was pro-life) to a woman who ardently supports abortion rights and who worked closely with Planned Parenthood.

That was a long sentence. Shorter versions:

St. Joseph protected the developing Christ child while He was in His mother’s womb. Now a college named after him is honoring a woman who supports the “right” to kill children in the womb.

The Precious Blood flowed from Christ as he was gruesomely executed so that we all might have abundant life. Now a college founded and run by a congregation dedicated to the Precious Blood will honor a woman who supports the “right” to spill the innocent blood of perfect children while they are still in their mothers’ wombs.

The only way the irony could be any more thick is if they were to add in a Gianna Molla or Holy Innocents element… “The award will be presented during the homily at Mass on Respect Life Sunday in the Chapel of the Holy Innocents in St. Gianna Molla Hall. Reception to follow in the Annunciation Room.”

Moloch laughs again.



  • Patricia Roeder

    I am a student at St. Joseph’s College. I am upset that our college has chosen to do this, but Dr. Wingfield is not receiving an award. She is speaking for MLK Jr. Day. I just wanted to clarify for the sake of accuracy.

  • Christie

    If I remember right (pertaining to the image you posted) Margret Sanger was a pagan who worshipped the God Saturnalia. Is this coincidental to your article? Or did you know this? What’s wrong with the world today is what I ask my kids all the time, “What’s the difference between a Christian kid and a Secular kid?”. Their answer is “I don’t know” That is ultimately the problem, you can no longer tell the difference between the world and Christians. One of the reasons I appreciate CV so much is that they let their light shine before men and I glorify God because of it! Thank you for pointing out the sick irony of this.

  • BPB

    So where is this college or these colleges?



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