Terrorists storm Mass in Iraq: Murder priest, kill dozens of hostages

Papists, please pray.

Armed terrorist attacked a Mass being celebrated in Baghdad earlier this evening. They immediately killed the priest, and then took the congregation of roughly 100 hostage. When security forces attempted to break in, the terrorists detonated their suicide vests, killing over 50 Catholics and wounding dozens more. The descriptions of the “bloodbath” that took place in the Church are horrific.

Please pray for the victims and for all involved in this horrible, evil attack.

The BBC and New York Times have issued early reports.



12 thoughts on “Terrorists storm Mass in Iraq: Murder priest, kill dozens of hostages

  1. Marko says:

    I wonder how would Muslims(or rather the whole world) react if a catholic nun bashed into mosque during their prayer and killed imam and took a ”few” hostages? Whole world would be on their feet. But this is not a big deal. Catholic priests and people taken hostage and killed…not a big deal…

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