That Didn’t Take Long: Praising Multi-Spouse Marriage

multipouseThat didn’t take long. Salon magazine this morning is extolling the virtues of multi-spouse marriages.

Same-sex “marriage” proponents have always scoffed at the idea that redefining marriage would open the door for multi-spouse marriages. “My Two Husbands” by Angi Becker Stevens, not only argues for “poly-amorous” unions but continues to scoff at the foolish “right wing” people who expected people to go there. Her article is novel only in that it also scoffs at the same-sex marriage definers who argued back that it wouldn’t.

Stevens has been married for 16 years to her husband, and has now taken a boyfriend who she says she plans to marry in a “non-legal” way.

“With every stride forward for marriage equality, I can count on turning on the TV to find conservative talking heads lumping families like mine in with pedophilia and bestiality. But liberals, for the most part, don’t treat us much better. They’re quick to insist that same-sex marriage would never, ever lead to such awful things.”

The author uses her 9-year-old daughter to deflect criticism. Her daughter dutifully and understandably repeats the adult arguments for same-sex marriage and applies them to her family.

“When my daughter talks about same-sex marriage or polyamorous relationships, she always looks perplexed and says, ‘I don’t understand why anyone is angry about people being in love and not hurting anyone.’ And I long for a world where everyone is able to see it so simply.

And later …

“Whenever I mention the claims that polyamory is bad for children, she rolls her eyes and says, ‘Oh no, kids having more people to love them! How horrible!’”

In the style of such articles, the author doesn’t make a case against monogamous marriage on principle, or for multi-spouse “marriage” on principle. Instead, she presents the facts of a particular situation as a fait accompli and challenges you to argue why it is not so. She felt repressed before and says “I am more fulfilled now and living in a way that feels authentic for me.”

Apply a simple thought experiment, and her argument starts to wither. Imagine the article being written by a man bringing a “girlfriend” into his life and convincing his wife to tolerate it. Or imagine a Mormon talking about his repressed relationship with God instead of a political activist talking about her repressed human relationships. Salon wouldn’t have published those pieces.

But they did publish this one.

Because “love makes a marriage” now. And to say otherwise means you’re a hater.

For the record: I love these people. I wish them all the best in their personal lives. But I oppose multi-spouse marriage anyway.


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  • digdigby

    In my hip youth I knew people in these relationships. The lady is the ‘beard’ for the guys – she may not even know it but the guys can share a bed ‘through her’. Its not all that uncommon. The woman and, worst of all, children get hurt the most of course.

  • Law Girl

    I feel that the author (Angi) has some serious self-esteem issues and that is why she wants attention from two men because one is not enough for her. This is not right. Marriage is between a man and a woman and no other person. A strong marriage makes a strong family and strong families make strong communities. The world would be a much better place if all people were brought up with a loving mum and dad who both loved each other faithfully. To have a strong marriage and a strong family, you need to pray to God. I pray that Angi, her husband, and daughter find God and know that He loves them and wants them to be a happy family together. :-)

  • QM Barque

    Like flies, man is often attracted to things that taste sweet and smell foul. When we seek chaos to find meaning:

  • Mariko

    WE are the church WE all must show the wonder that is having marriage as a “cross” and vocation that not only requires “love” (for me, myself & I) but also for the moral good of the children that will come from the union of one Man and one woman as God himself established it to be. Further, the self-sacrifice of both spouses to fulfill what is in God’s plan

  • Chris Browne

    And the Church will cave on this one, too. Let’s face it (and I am embarrassed to admit it): the Church hasn’t been doing too well in the defense of marriage over the last 40 years, what with annulments so commonplace, and ‘extraordinary ministers’, parish council presidents, and ex-nuns on second (and third, or fourth) marriages. The Church SHOULD have been prepared to go to the mat for this (and abortion before that), but ‘getting along’ is more important than the Church’s moral teaching, and, well, we just have to concede for harmony. The modern Church is a SHAM.



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