The 12 Most Beautiful Churches in America

At least according to this Fox News item.

I can’t say I agree with all the choices on this list, but I figured what the heck, since we share a special relationship with Fox News as fellow water-carriers for the Republican Party (at least according to the insurmountable evidence presented by some of our more rabid detractors – now there’s a cheerful lot).

And just so you know, not all the churches on the list are Catholic.  I know, if we really want to get medieval on their apse, we could rightly claim that the most beautiful churches are those that actually have God dwelling bodily within them, i.e. Catholic churches.  But the photos from this list certainly show that people of many different faiths can build some breathtakingly beautiful churches.

That said, the images I have included below are only from the Catholic churches on the list.  For those who want to view the non-Catholic churches as well and risk having your eyeballs burst into flames, here is the full slideshow.

Of course, there are countless other churches in America that could have made the list as well.  Which churches would be on your list?

Saint Mary of the Angels - Chicago, IL

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis - St. Louis, MO

Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France - New Orleans, LA

Cathedral of Saint Paul - St. Paul, MN

Saint Mary's Catholic Church - High Hill, TX



  • Barb Baltrinic

    St. Stanislaus of Cleveland is amazingly beautiful and breathtaking.

  • Tessa

    There’s a lot of Beautiful Churches in U.S. but the most beautiful for me is the San Diego Mormon Temple. When you drive up to this building you will probably think it looks like Sleeping Beauty’s castle or something. It is very gorgeous. The grounds have a very calm and peaceful feeling.. You don’t need to go inside to have a wonderful experience there. I recommend just stop by and look around. It’s almost like a bit of heaven on earth.

  • Juliana

    Come on now, The Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception has got to take the cake. I’d go there for Sunday mass and hang out all day to hide from my anti-Catholic family back when I lived in D.C.

  • Paul Sadek

    St. Joseph Cathedral, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was designed by the same man who designed the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Emmanuel Masqueray. St. Joseph Cathedral went through some troubled times shortly after the Second Vatican Council; but the restoration begun by former-Bishop Robert Carlson (now Archbishop of St. Louis) is now complete, and St. Joseph Cathedral once again stands as a beautiful example of how a physical edifice can draw the heart and mind to the Glory of God.

  • abadilla

    The only church in Los Angeles I find beautiful is the church of St. Vincent. It is magnificent. The Cathedral was very expensive in building but it is a modern building and modern buildings do not say anything to me.
    I also find the churches in Chicago to be very impressive and I fell in love with the churches in San Antonio.

  • Emily Sullivan

    The church I got married at, a Dominican parish, St. Vincent Ferrer in New York City, absolutely should have made this list. The French Gothic style is just exquisite!

    • abadilla

      Yes, I saw the church though the link you provided and it is stunningly beautiful. I hope you wore a long wedding dress and the pictures must have been magnificent.



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