The Anthony Weiner Test

Why would anybody seriously consider voting for Anthony Weiner for a position of serious responsibility like Mayor of New York City?  Weiner had to leave Congress under a cloud a couple of years ago because it came out that he had tweeted obscene photos of himself to various women.  In an attempted political comeback he decided to run for Mayor of New York City this year, and was actually taken seriously by some voters.  Now, in the latest twist in his very tangled story, it turns out that he continued the same kind of gutter behavior that cost him his seat in Congress even after he had to resign.  At present he intends to stay in the mayoral race, which raises again the question with which I began: why would anybody consider voting for him?

In an attempt to clarify this question, I offer the following multiple choice test.  Try to answer honestly.


1. If your sister announced to the family that she was going to marry Anthony Weiner, would you:

A. Sincerely wish her all the happiness?

B. Think she is crazy, but keep quiet for the sake of (temporary) family peace?

C.  Tell her openly that she is crazy.

2. If Anthony Weiner applied for a job for which you were responsible for hiring, would you:

A. Hire him with no hesitation?

B. Weigh his merits against those of the other candidates?

C. Drop his application in the trash?

3. If you were at a party and noticed that Anthony Weiner was there, too, would you:

A. Go up and talk to him, because you think he would be an interesting a fun character?

B. Hope that you would not have to meet him, but try to be polite if you do?

C. Do everything in your power to avoid him?

4. If you answered C to all of the questions above, but would still consider voting for Anthony Weiner for mayor, is it because:

A. The office of mayor of a large city is not as responsible a position as wife of your sister, employee at your firm, or party-goer?

B. You think a person can be very irresponsible in his personal life and still be a good public servant?

C. The public good is not as important as the good of your family, your business, or yourself?

5. If you answered A to all of the questions above, and would happily vote for Anthony Weiner for mayor, is it because:

A. You don’t think a person’s sexual conduct bears any relationship to whether he is a good person?

B. You don’t want to impose your values on Anthony Weiner, your sister, your business, or your political community?

C. You are totally invested in the ideology of sexual liberation, so that you cannot tolerate any negative judgment on Weiner, which would in turn reflect unfavorably on yourself?



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  • Virginia

    RE Paul'[s reply: In one response you have lumped together a lowlife and a statesman. Judgement may be made on the fruit on one’s labors. Weiner lies and continues to show no remorse, nor humility. Gingrich became a Catholic and I accept the Church accepting him. We are taught to recognize her forgiveness of a sinful soul, who can be known today by his virtuous fruits. You may dislike his politics, but please, cease with the comparison.

  • Paul

    While Wiener probably should excuse himself from the mayoral race, I’m not sure it’s fair to pass judgement on him. Especially since it seems he’s dealing with a difficult problem, and his family is obviously under a lot of tension right now.

    Honestly, I think it’s a credit to both him and his wife that they haven’t called it quits. Though I wouldn’t trust such a big responsibility to someone with such issues. (In the sam regard, I don’t think Newt Gingrich ever should’ve been running for president).

  • annieelf2012

    I answered “C” on all and under NO CIRCUMSTANCE would I ever vote for this pathetic excuse for a man.

  • Mo

    Most from NYC are a different breed,that’s why 😛

    • Ron

      Pretty general statement don’t you think?


    Dear Carson,

    Many people’s problem with Mr. Weiner stem not from his childish action but the aggressive disinfomation campaign he launched when it came out. One variation on your quiz might be to ask the same questions assuming he had initialy responded to the disclosures with something like “Yes I’ve got this problem. My wife knows about it. I’m working on it.”

    Last night Rachael Maddow royally lambasted him. He went on her show and sold her, and much of her audience on the idea that it was all a conspiracy involving hacking by his political enemies. Not a good way to treat your allies.

    The only other candidate I know anything about is Christine Quinn. She is reportedly, like Mr. Weiner, a yeller and screamer at her staff. I’m not a New Yorker, but I have a great aversion to electing anyone with that type of management style to public office.

    Pax tecum, Greg

  • Pauline Reynolds

    What strikes me is that running for mayor of THE major city in the world does not seem to be the way to recovery. That tells me how serious he was and is about his own recovery.



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