The battle to protect life in Ireland is heating up

It’s starting to intensify in the Emerald Isle.

The Irish-based Life Institute recently rolled out a video with evidence of medical experts that abortion is NOT a treatment for suicide, to combat the effort by Irish PM Enda Kenny and his Health Minister James Reilly to legalize abortion on the basis of suicide, among other “exceptions” they are pushing for.

The video compliments this information placed in an ad in 29 newspapers across Ireland.

The intensive campaign is having an impact – the opposition leader for the Fianna Fail Party, Micheal Martin, just came out against suicide grounds as has the former Fine Gael leader, John Bruton.

Buoying the spirits of pro-life groups in Ireland is a poll recently released showing a sizable majority (66%) support legal protection of unborn.

With pro-abortion forces feeling the momentum shift, some have resorted to vandalism, such as this attack on the offices of Life Institute which rightly decried as “grotesque and vile’.

Let us continue praying for our brothers and sisters in Ireland in their battle to protect life.



  • JackB

    There is too much bad about Irish Catholicism. The Catholic Church in both Ireland, my forefather’s home, and Poland had an ironfisted control of the politics and the populations. Speaking about Ireland, the church would not allow a married mother to enter the church at the main entrance, rather she was ushered to a side door and was given “absolution” for committing the “sin” of Adam, by the priest.

    A number of years ago I learned about Dublin’s Magdalene House in an front page article of National Geographic magazine. That article focused on a mother and daughter doing laundry next to each other and not knowing who the other was. WOW! How did they get there? The mother had the daughter out of wedlock. The church stepped in and confiscated the baby and consigned the mother to the house. Eventually, the girl strayed and she was incarcerated. A second WOW!



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