The BIG Freeze

Frozen canals of Venice Feb. 2012

Currently Europe is under a cold spell. Dangerous low temperatures have hit Eastern Europe, shutting down schools, trapping thousands in transit and claiming lives. The worst parts are Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. The hardest hit is Ukraine where temperatures are as low as minus 36 Celsius.

This big freeze seems confusing to many as thoughts of global warming seem distant in the light of this weather. One could ask how could this be global warming? Or is it what some call global weirding? Weirding is when climate changes do crazy and unexpected twists–some places will be usually warm and others unusually cold?

We can only watch and pray as we see such weather causing traffic nightmares and emergency situations for many. Several deaths have been reported in the wake of eastern Europe’s strange weather.

Meanwhile, western Europe has experienced relatively mild weather this winter. However, Venice now has frozen canals. For locals, this is a strange occurrence to be sure. And what are we to think of this global weirding in the context of Christianity? I think we are seeing some of the strange weather patterns predicted in the bible and these are signs to watch, which should led us to pray more.



  • Kerstin

    It’s no weirding at all. What is happening in Europe is what is called a “Russian High.” That is when polar air coming from the east pushes over Europe and establishes itself for a time. They happen every year, but some years they are stronger than others. This year it is especially severe. Other years the cold air doesn’t come far enough west and the weather from the Atlantic dominates western Europe making for mild winters.

    • jeny

      Interesting Kerstin. Thanks for your comments. Makes sense.


    Dear Jennifer ~ I believe the “takeaway points” here are for us to remember that we are our brothers (and sisters)keepers, be they in our own community or in Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia as well as in Venice. ~ Pax tecum, Greg



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