The Boundless Mercy of God

Thomas, I find so many of these new stories and commentaries about abortion and confession in recent days heartbreaking. It’s not just that Slate graphic rant. Any fair-minded person could read so many of the news stories circulating and think forgiveness only comes for some during a few days in Spain!

I wrote a little about it here.

There are a lot of people reading those news stories who are suffering great pain and guilt. A misunderstanding like this could be devastating. Please spread the word about hope and healing even after such grave a sin as abortion.

The message from Madrid is not Too bad for you for not making it to Madrid, sinner! The message of the witness of the gathering is: Repent and accept His mercy!

In Reconciliation, there is great liberation. And it is not just in Madrid today, with time counting down … !, by the way, also includes Confession times.



2 thoughts on “The Boundless Mercy of God

  1. davide says:

    Since I was a small child my parents have lead us kids to confession once a month. They didn’t tell us to go, they went, we followed. Still to this day we go to confession together, all 13 of us. I look back on all this and I can clearly see how much my parents loves us, even us who were more naughty than nice 😉

    1. Mary says:

      For Catholics, please visit to access your local Project Rachel ministry. Project Rachel is the Catholic Church’s post-abortion healing ministry.

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