The Cardinal & Colbert


Last night, Cardinal Dolan brought joy, youthfulness, and humor to Catholicism in a big mainstream way. He sat down and talked to well-known Catholic comedian Stephen Colbert about his new e-book, Praying in Rome: Reflections on the Conclave and Electing Pope Francis, and Pope Francis’ comments about homosexuality.

It seems that Cardinal Dolan is leading when it comes to the new evangelization. Watch for yourself.


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  • Nuala B

    He ridicules and uses his Catholic Faith to endear himself to an audience for fame and profit. I’ve avoided him completely after I saw his mockery of the children’s hymn, “The King of Glory”. Why would a “Catholic” of any stripe choose to frivolously exploit an overt description of Christ for a gag? Is he teaching his Sunday School students it’s okay to belittle what you (supposedly) love?

  • http://facebook Kathy Highberger

    This is a great interview! The whole country should see it!
    Cardinal Dolan and Steve Colbert!

  • Paul Sadek

    For heaven’s sake, people, Stephen Colbert was the “supporting player” in this video: The star was Cardinal Dolan! My hat is off to His Eminence for reminding us that God gave us a sense of humor…and we should exercise it!



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