The Catholic Left Comes Out Against Economic Justice and Peace

Thanks Commonweal, Winters and Schneck, for explaining to the world that I have no conscience.

Social justice is supposed to be the Catholic Left’s specialty. But the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace just issued a new document, and leftist Catholic pundits have been spending the last two months rejecting it wholesale.

Catholic Leftist leaders have unanimously decided to defend President Obama’s rule coercing Christian businesses to offer coverage of abortion-inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization. Their sell-out is so extensive that Commonweal, America and NCReporter routinely slam the U.S. Bishops for maintaining that Catholic business women and men do in fact have consciences.

As the Pontifical Council just explained, Catholic social teaching not only allows religious ethics to be followed in business, it requires it. Catholic teaching is incompatible with this new fad on the Catholic left which says that Jesus is only the Lord of Sundays and soup kitchens, but not of 9 to 5 workdays.

Yet Catholic social teaching means little when there’s a Democratic president and a sexual revolution to advance. The Catholic Left has decided to toss its once hallowed principle of economic justice into the garbage like a used kleenex.

Commonweal’s spokespersons almost daily ridicule the Bishops’ defense of business ethics as a “Taco Bell exemption” that is unworthy of Catholic support. Their sneer smacks not only of elitism but racism, as if food service from an ethic background is unworthy of a true Christian calling.

Likewise, self-proclaimed “economic justice” champion Stephen Schneck no longer believes in any such thing. He and his Catholics in Alliance buddies have baptized Obama’s rule coercing conscientious business people and are insisting that the Bishops are wrong to oppose it. Leftist wag Michael Sean Winters has similarly anathematized Catholics operating in business as not being in “Communio” with his version of Christian brotherhood.

Somebody forgot to relate this “doctrinal development” in leftist thinking to the Social Justice folks in Rome. The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace’s document drives home the fact that Catholic teaching is irreconcilable with a position denying lay Catholic business leaders the right to operate their businesses without the government coercing them to cooperate in intrinsic evil.

The Council says that business leaders must be “guided by ethical social principles.” But according to Winters they have no right to do so, the government can force them to violate those same principles, and the Bishops are wrong to say otherwise.

The Council asserts that the adherence of a business’s practice according to Christian ethics “is a genuine human and Christian calling” and its importance “can hardly be overstated.” But Winters has excommunicated lay business activities, declaring only non-profit work to be governed by the Gospel.

The Council declares that the “most significant” obstacle to the common good in economic justice is the “split between faith and daily business practice.” But Schneck, Winters and the rest have declared that lay Catholics must split their consciences, that it’s OK for the government to fine them if they don’t split their consciences, and that the Bishops are obstinate for asking that the government not split their consciences.

The Council insists that economic justice requires that lay business leaders must “integrate the gifts of the spiritual life, the virtues and ethical social principles into their life and work,” but leftists at Commonweal, America, NCReporter and “Catholics in Alliance” have viciously attacked the Bishops for saying that business leaders have the right to follow their religious ethics with integrity.

Leftist Catholics in the past would claim they stood for business ethics, especially against what they viewed as the excesses of capitalism. Now we know they couldn’t care less about business ethics. They insist business women and men have no conscience, that the government is justified in coercing them, and that the Bishops are heretics for defending those consciences. It is nonsensical to speak of business ethics and deny that business people have consciences.

Which just goes to show that if leftist Catholics like Schneck, Winters and Commonweal have their way, not only will the sanctity of life be destroyed, economic justice will die with it.



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  • BethAnn

    You guys are truly hilarious. I seem to recall that when the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace issued a report reading unfavorably against capitalism, that document was roundly rejected on this site as “just ideas,” not Catholic teaching. Remember these quotes from this website? “To begin with, the text is not an encyclical, nor is it the work of Pope Benedict XVI.” “As PCJP officials will themselves tell you, it’s not within this curial body’s competence to make doctrinal statements that bind Catholic consciences.” And thank you for pointing out the Catholycs who are rejecting this PCJP document. After all, this website WOULD NEVER promote Catholyc thinkers who reject PCJP teaching. Except when it’s favorable to your political positions: This post is a joke.



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