The Catholic Vote

Well, now that I’ve come up with a title for this post…

It looks like Romney is doing well among Catholics, at least so far.  So says a recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center that focused on candidates’ popularity among voters of different religions.

The polling considers both the Republican primary contest and the general election.  Interestingly, in a potential match-up with President Obama in the general election, Romney is preferred by Catholics, 50% to 47%.  This is probably within the margin of error and therefore a statistical tie, but even so, it may indicate a shift in the Catholic vote, which Obama won convincingly in 2008.

Also, Romney continues to poll well among Mormons who are not Jon Huntsman’s daughters.



One thought on “The Catholic Vote

  1. Rod says:

    What a shocker. American Catholics support a pro-abortion candidate for President. Shame…

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