The day they call “Super Tuesday.”

But it really feels like it’s anything by super. This post doesn’t even deserve a picture it’s so un-super.

I sure wish Perry hadn’t dropped out.

As it is, since he did drop out and Santorum isn’t on the ballot here in Steubenville (didn’t get enough signatures), my choice is made easier: Gingrich. I’m starting to warm up to the idea of a Romney nomination, but I’m still not all the way there.

I will be at the Santorum rally tonight, which he is having here in Steubenville, as the returns roll in. If I get a chance to ask him any questions, does anyone have any they’d like to include?



  • Cindy

    I’m glad to see that we Virginians have apparently denied Romney the 70% that was projected for him. It won’t make any difference. He’ll still take home all of our delegates, but at least the only non-Romney on the ballot put up a fight. So far, Romney has not cracked 60% (though he’s coming close). If there had been more options on the ballot, I’m pretty sure that Romney would have lost the state.

  • Emily

    I just wish that we could trust the candidates answers to the questions we do have.



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