The Devil Went Down to Texas

The Texas State Legislature has reconvened in special session to take up legislation protecting the rights of the unborn after protesters overran the statehouse last week to prevent the Senate from coming to order to even bring the legislation to a vote. Having failed to win over the voters of Texas to their grotesque position, the pro-abortion faction now seeks to intimidate the elected representatives of the people from doing the job they were elected to do, and even cheered with joy when they succeeded in obstructing the Senate vote to save babies’ lives.

Detail from The Last Judgement by Fra Angelico, c. 1430

Detail from The Last Judgement by Fra Angelico, c. 1430

You just can’t make this stuff up: pro-abortion protesters chanted “Hail Satan!” in response to a pro-life group singing “Amazing Grace.” The Atlantic magazine offers the defense that it was just some dumb college kids that have nothing to do with Planned Parenthood and the worthy cause of killing babies. There is no fallacy of guilt by association here. If protests in favor of an evil thing attract evil people, both are still evil. Indeed, in defending the pro-Satan chant, the Atlantic admits they were mocking the religious sentiments of the pro-life group, which is supposed to make it okay.

Other protesters are holding signs that claim that Governor Rick Perry is somehow a rapist who wants to violate the collective womb of the entire female population of Texas. If anything, banning abortions protects the integrity of the womb from the prying implements of death wielded by the sick and deranged doctors like Kermit Gosnell and LeRoy Carhart whose procedures sound more like the grizly accounts of human experimentation during the Holocaust than life-saving modern medicine.

There is no telling how many of the protesters even believe the vile nonsense they are chanting because groups like Planned Parenthood are paying people to come join the protest—often the homeless and unemployed—a tactic that is common amongst organized labor groups. It is darkly ironic that these liberal groups will pay the poor and the downtrodden to help defile and destroy the weak and the innocent, but then, should we expect any less from the Prince of Lies himself?

The events in Texas may just be some harmless and stupid punk college kids, but this is always how Satan deceives us. He tells us that sin is harmless, or more often that it will help us, just as it was in the beginning when he told Eve that, “your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods who know what is good and what is bad.” Only Satan could make people believe that they have the power to choose who lives and who dies, much less be happy about doing so. Pray for the people of Texas in this dark hour. Satan is real and he walks among us seeking to devour the souls of men and babies.

Update: For those who think the Satanic chants are being exaggerated, even The Atlantic acknowledges it was a group of people and provides corroboration from CNN of multiple chants. However, since it’s the Feast of Saint Thomas the Apostle, don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.


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    “There is no fallacy of guilt by association here. If protests in favor of an evil thing attract evil people, both are still evil.” Huh? Some jerks made a bunch of “pro-Satan” comments for no reason other than to be jerks. And somehow you’re linking them with everyone who is pro-choice? This entire article is basically the definition of the fallacy of “guilt by association”, otherwise you wouldn’t have written it. You’re literally associating the idea of being pro-choice with Satan because some idiots who yelled “hail Satan” happen to be pro-choice (if we can even determine their motives).

    Something controversial occurred. Some (like literally, enough to be counted) stupid ignorant people who you disagree with acted like jerks. Therefore, in your world view, all those who disagree with you must be Satanic.

    Makes total sense.

  • Larry

    So now it’s Satan leading the pro-choice movement. It used to be those ultra-liberals. What are you going to try to have us believe next?

    • tom in san jose

      First and foremost it’s Satan working through his political minions. It has always been thus.

      • Larry

        Please share the proof of your statement.

  • Phil

    “even cheered with joy when they succeeded in obstructing the Senate vote to save babies’ lives.”

    Is that really what the bill is about? Does legislation like this actually reduce abortions? I’m asking seriously; because I was under the impression that this type of bill does not, and is not actually designed, to reduce the number of abortions.

    • Joe M


      I’m not sure how you could conclude that it would not reduce abortions. It makes abortions after 20 weeks, that are currently legal, illegal.

      • Phil

        So your thinking is that women who want abortions will give up and carry the child to term if they’re at 21 weeks? Is there evidence that supports that hypothesis?

  • Ann
  • Jennifer Lambert

    I read that they had been chanting “Hail Satan” throughout the day, but it was only caught on tape that one time.

  • Rob

    I saw the video, and unless my hearing is just that bad, I heard only one person, a young woman, say, “Hail, Satan,” after the singing and counter protesting had stopped. I couldn’t make outclearly what the counter-protesters were saying, but it didn’t sound like ‘hail Satan.’ I’m just as opposed to abortion as the next pro-lifer and hope and pray this bill passes in TX. And I have zero doubt of the evil one’s influence and presence here. But to make it sound like an angry mob was screaming ‘hail Satan’ when it was, at least from what I could tell, only one snarly young woman getting in her cheap shot, is, at the very least, disingenuous. We don’t like it when it’s done to us; why should we excuse it when we do it ourselves?

    • Michael

      Thank you, Rob, for reminding us that Pro-Lifers do not need to lie, exaggerate, smear, be mean-spirited, or be rude in order to make their case. I have witnessed that too many times and it always makes me sad.



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