The Dominican Friar who evangelizes at the mall

The picture alone is priceless:

Fr. Tony Wall tends his Catholic kiosk at Lloyd Center Mall. Photo: Mary Halvorsen

Dominican Father Tony Wall thinks Catholics should spend more time living out their faith in the marketplace.

That’s why he spent every day, except Sunday, for a month in Portland’s Lloyd Center Mall. Father Wall, a priest for 60 years, wore his Roman collar or white friar’s habit, simply making himself obvious for those yearning to talk about life’s greater issues.

“People don’t meet priests any more. We are hiding in the rectory,” says Father Wall, who has moved on to lead missions from the Dominicans’ California headquarters. He plans to return to Portland at the start of 2012 for another month of mall evangelization.

“Jesus sent people out on the road,” explains the 86-year-old friar, who helped found the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, Calif. “St. Dominic was out in the crossroads and at the inns. He was not waiting for people to find him.” [Continue reading…]



  • James

    If Father Tony Wall ever decides to write his memoirs, I can picture the title of the book (or even his blog) as “Wall at the Mall”. :)

  • Veronica R

    Way to be Father T! I hope that I can be as zealous for my faith as you!



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