The Dysfunctional Feminist Movement

When I was 25 years old, I lived in India for a summer. I came back to the US with a new appreciation for plumbing and the firm belief that American feminists were on the wrong continent. There was so much work to be done in the Third World to bring basic levels of equality to women and girls.

Today, little has changed in the feminist priority list. While Western feminist “intellectuals” continue to obsess about abortion-on-demand, spending time and resources attacking the Catholic Church and other institutions who defend life, overtly misogynistic faiths, such as Islam, that forbid women to drive, show their hair or faces, or bring a rapist to justice without four male eye witnesses, get a free pass.

Despite a 2007 ban on the practice, 90% of Egyptian girls undergo forced female genital mutilation. When CBS journalist Lara Logan was raped and later told her story on 60 Minutes, the take away “feminist” lesson for the viewer was: female foreign correspondents have it tough. Lara told 60 Minutes viewers that she came forward with her excruciating story because she wanted to be the voice for other journalists who silently endure gender bias and sometimes violence on the job.

But what about using her media power to shed light on the everyday plight of the Egyptian women who actually saved her from the mob of men who nearly tore her limbs out in their violent frenzy? The narcissistic First World feminist to-do list doesn’t have room for the kind of culturally sanctioned abuse Muslim women face daily. No, their plight is sacrificed on the altar of unfettered abortion and trendy progressive theories of “cultural relativism” (i.e. Who are we Western imperialists to judge another culture?).

This week, another video surfaced that reminded me of this glaring inconsistency in the so-called feminist fight for global equality. In this video, an Egyptian cleric on a television show argues that the Koran permits Muslim men to have sex slaves, so long as they are infidel women (Thus the lack of remorse for Logan who the mob called a “Jew”). The cleric casually compares selecting a female sex slave to shopping at a grocery store. Shockingly, these dehumanizing statements are said in the presence of three male hosts who nod approvingly and never even raise an eyebrow let alone an objection.

The hypocrisy of a pro-woman movement that embraces a serial womanizer like Bill Clinton, so long as he supports abortion, or remains silent as a religion as oppressive of women as Islam continues to subject millions of women to the status of “property,” is breathtaking.

Nearly fifteen years after my trip to India, I see that feminism is no less dysfunctional. When a movement that purports to stand up for women’s rights is so morally bankrupt that it cannot muster a condemnation for a religion that sanctions and endorses the subjugation of women, is there any wonder why no one wants to be called a feminist these days?



  • Bobbie

    I ran across this a bit late . . . While I have read the Quran and the Hadiths and feel the Muslim religion is horrifically brutal to women when practiced as printed, I would love to know where you came across this 90% figure in regards to Egyptian females and genital mutilation. I have traveled to Egypt. I have family from Egypt. Where? What? When? I’m not saying genital mutilation doesn’t or can’t happen, but 90%? Really? Oh, really?

  • Ed Murray

    St. Gianna Beretta Molla our anti abortion saint!



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